Forever Flowers christmas offer


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I joined just to post this because I'm so angry.

Tuned in to watch the Forever Flowerz christmas 'buy everything' offer, and discovered that the price had gone up by almost #20 since I checked the time of show on the website this morning.

Not only that, they have the cheek to say it's a purple pass price! So that's supposed to mean the discount is included.

I've emailed them to query it (I have a screenshot of the original price) but don't expect much. I certainly won't be buying from them again if this is how they treat their customers.

Pity, because the flexi-pay was handy, but will probably save me a fortune...


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Yeah I think I can buy them direct, but the bundle was good value (at the original price!).

Lesson learned - just glad I realised before I bought them

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