Homedics TSV 15/01/22


I saw on a forum that it takes at least 3 months to show up too as the payment won't start to be processed by qvc until after the money back guarantee period has ended, and then it's usually an extra 2 months after that processing before the payment appears in your account.


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On easy pay it doesn't give you cashback as its seen as an "unapproved voucher code".
I never use Easy Pay so that’s not the reason QVC didn’t pay out. I did get one payment, just after they arrived on TCB, but after that I received nothing despite my account showing that the items were being tracked.

TCB did pay me for a couple of items after I put in a claim and sent an email, but they said it was a gesture of goodwill as it had been over a year since the goods were ordered. I didn’t bother putting in a claim for the other outstanding items because it wasn’t for very much.

I now buy very little from QVC and, when I do, I don’t bother going via TCB.


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I always use Quidco but QVC have never honoured anything. I have about 16 items that were tracked, not easy pay items but never paid out. Same with Gemporia, I stopped shopping with that company lst year but for years and years, I never received a bean from them to my Quidco account. A total con, most other companies pay up, L'Occitane, Lulu Guinness and loads of other, smaller retailers, yet the big boys don't honour their promises. Flea Bay usually pay their 1%, generous! However, you often have to chase it up.


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Don't Americans pay for all their medical treatments though? I once saw a documentary on TV where a man needed a simple hernia operation which would have been free in the UK but in the US it was $30,000. He and his wife kind of accepted he'd die because they couldn't afford it and he had no insurance because, again, he couldn't afford it. I've a good friend in the USA and she always says she has to keep her medical insurance up to date.

I think its because they did not understand why such a painful restrictive condition is not treated here on the NHS

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