LG TSV 12/9/21

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They were at pains to point out that you get these amazing “free” earbuds BUT then kept saying that IF you were to buy both the TV AND the earbuds direct from LG, it would be more than at QVC...

How about you don’t include the (not free) earbuds and just offer a price for the television alone which is cheaper than from LG direct?!

They often seem to do this with tech products - adding an extra item or bundling items whereas sure most people would rather just have the main product at a cheaper price!
My neighbours 3 houses down on the opposite side of the road have just got a new TV. It is so big I can read the graphics from my window.

Their house is exactly the same as ours and I know our noses would be up against the screen. Their 3 kids must be cross eyed as it’s on all bliddy day.

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