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Had an email direct from Liz Earle ( no, not the lady herself!) announcing their special edition 150ml pump of Grapefruit & Patchouli C&P which I decided to order.(Can't comment on this as haven't used it yet!) I added 2 small sizes of C&P ( for travelling) to my order. It was offered free of P&P, delivered in 2 days & contained 3x 100ml sizes of Body wash,30ml tube of C&P & 3 muslin clothes as complementory. Can Q beat that? I usually order any LE TSV as they tend to be good value, but for anything else will go to their website ( even sometimes before John Lewis)


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That is really good, I ordered the limited edition C & P after getting an email about it, I was offered free p & p as well, but that was it, I did get the usual complimentary 30 ml c & p though, so was pleased with that, you have done well! I like the new C & P by the way prefer it to last year's lavender one, its not too citrusy,x