Shaun Ryan's mother


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As rare as hen's teeth

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Aug 30, 2023
1.00am show 02/09

Ryan was up late , or maybe prerecorded hawking a earwax gadget on shop extra He claimed his mum couldn't get her ears cleaned by the NHS, so he had to pay for a private service. He said this gadget was the best solution for anyone with earwax problems. How many ailments has this poor lady suffered? She's been through so much in her life!
Shaun Ryan's family have had the worst lives.

Whenever he was doing a mattress show, our Shaun would always talk about how his poor old Nan used to sleep on an old sack filled with dog pee soaked newspaper or something. And how the mattress he was flogging would have been a boon if it had been around.

You'd think that he'd have bought her a new mattress anyway, but we never heard about that

I thought Shaun took his Mam with him on all those cruises he said he went on? She can't be that infirm.

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