siberian down duvets by slumber slumber


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instead of qvc northern nights offerings slumber slumber have a double duvet 9o% Siberian goose down by fogarty for the fantastic price of £83.89. the fill power is 650 very high anyway but for this price an absolute steal. its pipied and the casing is a jacquard 300 thread count cotton.
they do it in other sizes too but I doubt if this will last long. they offer a sliding scale free postage 3-7 working days. £2.95 for up to 3 days and £7.95 for next day.

tel: 0800 121 4110

I will post again when I receive it to tell you what I think of the quality etc


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got it this morning. absolutely beautiful. it has a high thread count jaquard cover that has one inch baffle boxes and not just stitched boxes. meaning the 650 fill power down can fully loft. its sooooo light this is a real bargain.

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