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Nothing wrong with that! My mum will be 87 this year and she's brilliant. Up early every day, walks her dog, comes home, cooks all her own meals, makes quilts and baby coats for African charities, hosts friends and family as she has a big house. You're as old as you think you are.

She also worries about being fat, not fitting into clothes (she's had since 1972), her car's not trendy enough, her hair's gone mental, too many wrinkles. It's coming to all of us if we're that lucky 😀 🥃 (she likes a wee drink now and again too).

I love your mum, C.C, she sounds fantastic. Good on her!
Aww thanks, she'd be appalled if she knew i was talking about her on here. I'm visiting on Good Friday so I'll tell her she's got fans!

I was just trying to say that age isn't a barrier to what you want to be in the time that you have. It's never too late for anything if there's time left to do it.


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