So how rare is Tanzanite i decided to investigate lol


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Feb 6, 2011
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1)Nevada Outback Gems - Your Low Cost Gem Source

Comments: Brilliant Blue Tanzanite, a very popular gem. This Cab rough is bright and beautiful. Use as is or make small gems - pieces of rough range from 1/4 to nearly 2 carats. I bought a big lot so I can sell these amazingly cheap! Compare the Quality of our stones anywhere.

BEWARE!! MOST of the tanzanite now sold on ebay is FAKE. Many dealers on EBAY are now selling man made Tanzanite fakes on EBAY as if they were the real thing! Carefully look in their fine print for the words "Mystique" or "Lab Created" or just "Created". Some of these rip-off artists don't say anything to tell you its NOT REAL. The stones you would be sold are NOT actually Tanzanite. You would be buying a chemical crystal made up in a factory which only LOOKS like real Tanzanite. Created Tanzanite is COSTUME JEWELRY! It is NOT rare, NOT real and NOT valuable. Thousands of buyers have been cheated - some don't even know. Real tanzanite is mined in Africa and is rare. If the sales ad does not say the gem is natural or genuine you will be getting ripped off! DON'T PAY REAL MONEY FOR JUNK STONES - KNOW YOUR SELLER! We offer only REAL, GENUINE Tanzanite mined in Africa, and NEVER, NEVER any man made Rubbish.

Tanzanite Loose Gemstones, Tanzanite Rings & More

3) Lapigems

QUESTION : I watch a lot of shopping channels on TV and when Tanzanite is being sold there is a lot of hype about it running out. Is this true?

ANSWER : To begin with, it is important to note that these channels have developed selling into an art - hype is the engine which drives this. Their job is to get you to pull out your credit card there and then and buy buy buy! Hence they use hype in order to get you to do so. One of the favorite mediums used by the shopping channels in this regard is to get you to believe that Tanzanite will have been mined out by the end of the year and that the very next show they do will have substantially higher prices as a result. Whereas it is documented that Tanzanite will run out within 10 years or so at the present rate of mining and the present estimated remaining supply, it is certainly not going to run out tomorrow. Do not be fooled into making a snap purchase because of such hype. Buying a Tanzanite should be done with sober thought and research and the purchase decision made only after this has been done to ensure you make an informed purchase. We try to offer as much information as we can about each Tanzanite we sell and we have GIA gemologists waiting to answer any questions you may have. So please make use of these resources.

4)Gulrez Gems (this was copied as written on site)
Gulrez gems
We r trading and manufactur company of gemstone. we sell all kind of gemstone and beads with resonable price. we als buy rough stone and polish as well.

5)Tanzanite Gemstones
Here at Tanzanite Gemstone you will find all of the most relevant information that is available over the internet about Tanzanite and we will keep you up to date of not only our prices but everyone else’s too. We have selected the latest news and information from other leading Tanzanite Suppliers and Tanzanite Dealers as well as providing you with our own expert insight into Tanzanite. All information is cited and is deemed correct at the time of writing.

As an educated investor you are no doubt aware; that choosing an investment which can easily be 'realised' and see substantial returns for your money is not easily achieved.

Factors such as the global economic, political and environmental climate of the time can all pose a threat to your investment.

Wouldn't it be nice to have faith and confidence in an investment which is not affected by these conditions? And in a company with a dedication to your financial security and success?

If you answered yes, as we are sure you have, then Tanzanite is the investment which can reap you the rewards of your labour! And Tanzanite Gemstone is the company that can help you to realise this goal.

6) Tanzanite Ringstore
1/2 Ct Oval Cut Tanzanite .925 Sterling Silver Ring only Now: $29.99
1.10 Carat Genuine Opal and Tanzanite Silver Ring.only Now: $29.99

7) DHGate
A prefect gemstone solid gold ring, Metal: 14KT Solid Gold; Ring Size: #8 (Diameter: 18. 0mm) ;Gems... $9.93
A Prefect gemstone gold ring, Metal: 14KT White Gold; Ring Size: #8 (Diameter: 18. 0mm) ;Gemstone: .$9.93

8) The Diamond Store
An elegant pair of Tanzanite Earrings(AA) for £112.00. Claw setting. Free UK delivery and a 5 year guarantee.

That was just two pages of Google it is so rare!!!!! you better go and get some fasttttttttt.
8) The Diamond Store
An elegant pair of Tanzanite Earrings(AA) for £112.00. Claw setting. Free UK delivery and a 5 year guarantee.
Tonight's Bid TV sale of Tanzanite Earrings had a final price under £100 so if it was genuine AA Tanzanite then it could have been a reasonable buy, minus the 5 year guarantee of course. However from memory they didn't sell out so buyers must be starting to be wary (or finally lost patience), though they had no trouble shifting a ring prior to this.
Anyone fancy standing outside dressed up as miners? We could have a collection tin saying "You sold out our ****** mine, you bastards" :devil:
I don't know if this is true or not, but a lady at my keep fit class is married to a jeweller. He asked her to send for a AA tanzanite ring because he couldn't believe what the situps were saying. Now, and this may have been a one off mistake on situps part, but when the ring came it was dreadful. May have once been part of an AA stone but was so small it could be classed as a chip and almost colourless. The 'bargain price' was on the high side of what it was worth. No crime has been committed by situps, they had just massaged the facts a bit. On the positive side, it was indeed, no matter how small, a bit of genuine tanzanite but not of the excellent quality the spiel suggested, but did not promise. At the end of the day, the buyer had a bit of tanzanite, and maybe if they couldn't get to a jeweller would have missed out on owning some if it hadn't been for shopping telly? A case of, I think, only buy from the TV if there is no other alternative

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