Vicki Browne – raising awareness for the Brain Tumour Charity


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Dec 10, 2012
<img width="300" height="300" style="border: currentColor; margin-right: 5px; margin-left: 5px; float: right;" src="" />Vicki Brown, The Jewellery Channel's Queen of Sparkle has announced that she will be absent from our screens in January and February as she is going into hospital to have an operation.<br /><br /> In her announcement she said: "I wanted to share with you some of the challenges I’ve been facing over the last few years in order to raise awareness of my condition and to give others hope."<br /><br /> Two years ago Vicki was diagnosed with a brain tumour, but thanks to an incredible medical team it was removed and she was back on your screens within 3 months. At the time, Vicki spoke about her condition as there seemed to be a general lack of awareness and how it can – and in fact how it shouldn’t – affect your life. On hearing that Vicki was on shopping telly her surgeon said that this would actually aid her recovery and that anybody with such a condition would benefit from exercising their brain in this manner.<br /><br />Sadly a few weeks ago, Vicki was told that the tumour had returned which is clearly very disappointing news, but as before she is being positive, Vicki said: "I have a great medical team and I’ll make sure I do all I can to beat this a second time."<br /><br />Vicki said she will be sure to keep us updated on what’s happening, but in the mean time she wanted to let you know that she is doing a charity event this weekend called The Twilight Walk. It’s in aid of raising funds for the Brain Tumour charity, so if you wish to support me go to her <a href="">Just Giving</a> page and make a pledge.</br></br><ul><li>Go to <a title="The Brain Tumour Charity " href="" target="_blank">The Brain Tumour Charity</a></li><li>Go to <a title="Daily Mail article " href="" target="_blank">Daily Mail article</a></li></ul></br>Everyone here at sends their love to Vicki, we look forward to March when Vicki will be back on screens following a successful operation.
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