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  • Bex...sorry to hear you've not been too good but hope you're improving now and glad to hear you still managed to have a nice Xmas!
    Hi Bexi...hope you had a lovely Xmas - all the best for the coming New how the last twelve months have flown!
    Hiya Bex - have you abandoned us over in Games & Surveys?! Hope to see you soon...
    Hi Bex! Glad you're ok, we were worried about you! Hope to see you soon on the boards if you've not been on already! And good luck in your new home!
    Hi Bexi. Happy new year! Hope you had a lovely xmas. Apologies for the delay, I have been logging on using phone and tablet and don't get to see messages etc :-( It was a nice surprise to see this tonight! Hope you are well. Love, Natasha xx
    Hi Bexi.........Sorry that this is late but I have only just checked my notifications and saw that you had wished me a Happy Christmas on Christmas Eve.
    Thank you very much for that and please accept my sincere apologies for not returning the compliment.
    Be Lucky........!
    Love from Horatio,oh and Mrs H sends her compliments.
    thanks Bexi, you never forget to send me an Elmo, it's part of Christmas for me, I hope you had a lovely time xxx
    Hi Bexi; what a perfect Christmas Pressie picture you sent! Roll on twenty twelve.... Happy New Year & Best Wishes XX
    Thanks for the Xmas wishes Bexi, hope you are having a lovely Christmas day and a great 2012.
    Kathy xxx
    Merry Christmas Bexi xxx.... Thank you so much for the fab piggy pic... Have a wonderful day x :)
    Hi Bexi, thank you for the lovely greeting and picture.

    Best wishes to you, hope you have a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year xxx
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