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    Summer Sparkle Ball

    I've just received a GEMS Clearance email and there are photos of people enjoying themselves at the Summer Sparkle Ball on it, did anyone go? If you did how was it and are you in the pictures?
  2. Diamond Diva

    Delivery problems?

    Is anyone having delivery problems with TJC? I placed an order on Monday 13th and another one on 15th, I had an email last Friday saying the first one had been shipped and one on Monday saying the second one had been shipped. A parcel finally arrived today but it was the second one, no sign of...
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    Did anyone see the new American presenter Leigh-Anne (?) over the weekend? We've recently had Roxy for two weeks and she was obviously the first to trial the exchange of the UK presenters for the USA one's. Leigh-Anne was OK, she needs some practice polishing her presentation skills, which is...
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    Model wearing earrings !

    I've dipped into the Las Vegas shows on TJC a couple of times today and a la QVC they have a girl modelling the jewellery including earrings, how does this sit with their policy that customers can't return them for hygiene reasons? I don't want to buy a pair that have been used by their models...
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    Presenter on now

    Does anyone know who the presenter is whose on now? I've seen him a couple of times over the last two or three months he's a well spoken older man with an easy presenting style, does anyone know his name?
  6. Diamond Diva

    Well done TJC !

    Just wanted to say how great it is to see TJC selling some of their rings in a range of sizes now, one they sold this morning was available in nine sizes! For those of us that aren't size O its not always easy to judge what it'll truly look like when you can't get it on, then having to send it...
  7. Diamond Diva

    A3 diamonds

    I have a diamond cluster ring in my basket but didn't catch what quality the diamonds were so before checking it out I wanted to know what grade they were, their their website wasn't any help so I rang CS and spoke to a very nice young man who said they were A3. I know they have their own unique...
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    Boring, boring, boring !

    Did anyone see this mornings 'deal of the day' ? Having posted the other day praising TJC and their lovely Flourite pieces I couldn't believe this mornings auction, poor Emma spent a whole hour trying to sell a Tanzanite pendant in a choice of silver platinum or gold overlay. It was an OK...
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    Help !

    Ages ago someone kindly posted a link where we could put in a TJC code and obtain the details of an item, as I used it quite fequently I saved to my favourite's. I've had to replace my PC because I broke it so I'm desperately trying to re-create my favouries list from scratch, can anyone...
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    On line catalogue prices

    Does anyone know how representative GEMS on line catalogue prices are? Previosly I've only ever bought from their on screen auction or clearance stock, I was looking at a ring thinking it was a little expensive for what it was so I rang them to check its final price. The girl that I spoke to...
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    New Freeview Channels

    In case you aren't already aware, in the Radio Times (other TV listing magazines are available) I've just noticed that there are three new freeview channels Really Channel on 20 from Tuesday Challenge Channel 46 Food Network Channel 49 - it's all about food, well the...
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    A friend said that yesterday Steve Bennett mentioned a forthcoming Rubelite show, does anyone know any details ?
  13. Diamond Diva

    Karis collection

    Did anyone see the new Karis collection today? I saw a little of it before going to work this morning and I wasn't impressed! TJC have always stated that they don't sell costume jewellery, only sell real gemstones with silver or gold, what I saw was base metal with bonded gold/platinum and...
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    Watching TJC this morning everytime they've done their "stopped the music" for dramatic effect they've inserted a stupid heartbeat, when did that start? TJC please don't stoop to the annoying styles of other jewellery channels ! :headbang:
  15. Diamond Diva

    Freeview hours

    Has TJC changed the times they're on freeview? They weren't on Channel 84 Sunday or Monday night, does anyone know what's happening?

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