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  • Hi Annie, no date about my op as yet, in fact my last out patients appt was cancelled.....the Doctor was sick! So........what about these Gems rings that need resizing, new acquisitions or from the past?? LoL.
    How are you getting on with your new IPad mini? Am interested to hear what you think of it. I use my ipad all the time, but it can get a bit heavy, with the cover and all.
    Enjoyed reading your post on the QvC section..."your first time" . i also wonder what happened to Klosblue and Argeys been missing for ages.
    Not long to go now before your hols. :sun:
    P xxxx
    Just wanted you wish you and yours a very Happy and healthy New Year, not too long to wait before your hols in the sun. C's in laws just returned from two weeks in Tenerife and they had lovely weather apparently. Lucky so and so's! :tongue:

    P xxx
    Hi Annie, just got your message, lovely to hear from you and sorry to hear about the extended colds.

    I haven't been so good lately, was taken ill suddenly earlier in November, called the Doc and he sent me straight to A&E. Ended up as a guest in hospital of the NHS for 12 days and subjected to about every test they could think of for me. The diagnosis was an attack of acute Pancreatitis probably caused by a wayward gallstone......didn't even know I had them. I have to have surgery, don't know if it will be before Xmas (wonderful!) or soon after. I've been back home for about 10 days and am slowly getting my strength back - lack of sleep and suitable food whilst incarcerated.

    Good to hear that the woofers are doing well. My love and best wishes to our OMF when you next speak. I've virtually stopped watching Gems but I did get a lovely Diamond ring from Ebay in October, 18k YG and 40pts of very high quality white stones for a reasonable cost.

    Great to hear from you,
    P xxxx
    Hi again,hope you have a lovely hols, we have a week in August, bit of a way off yet.Switched on telly when I came in and heard Vicky Norris mentioning a new range of garnets on tomorrow at 6pm. They looked nice, a brighter red and very clear from a new source. Worth a peek mebbe? I returned the Lehrer ring I ordered, a Citrine with a swirly cut, not the usual one. Looked good on TV but yuck irl, far too big for me and ungainly I thought! But returns are taking 11days now....do they have only one person working in returns and is he/she swamped? Makes you think. I had some credit on it as well from a charm I bought a year ago. Nice. PS According to todays text message, they are having an Icelandic heatwave, warm sun and T shirt weather....C says. !xxxx
    Hi Annie, many thanks for your message earlier. I shall take a look on the TJC website, but I expect most of the rings will be in their standard size O. I seem to be more of an M these days. However I did bag earlier in the week one of their Swarovski gold overlay trilogy rings for a very modest sum, they were having a few hours of Swarovski sales and knocking down the prices. Its been despatched by RM, so goodness knows when it will arrive!

    I admire your tenacity in clinging on to that ole wagon, good girl! Lol Are you off on your holidays soon? C and family are up in Iceland!!! on a cruise stopping at the fjords on the way back south next week. They had a sunny calm day in Reykavik today, better weather than we had.
    P xxxx
    Evening Annie, an update for you.....I've returned my ring being rather unimpressed with the quality of the diamonds, red was definitely more cognac coloured and the blues were dark and not well matched. Nowhere near the standard of the stones in the band ring! It was rather flat and a bit loose, I much prefered the first one and it was a lot cheaper.

    Did you read the latest posts on the Gems forum? I'm just watching the Lehrer hour and getting very irritated with Adina with her constant babbling and stuttering,she ruins all these special shows...for me. xxx
    Thanks Annie, using the bit of dosh from that 'orrible Tanzanite I returned! xxx
    It was £799 on TV, Angeline auctioned it, but the diamonds did look pretty good on the screen, but then they should! My delivery tomorrow, hopefully, something I've had my eye on for a bit and they were down to the last couple in a clear out.....again coloured diamonds , looked better on TV than in the links....and rather less than the web price. So, we'll see, if it's nots so great it'll go straight back .

    The Eeks were very nice, the bracelet especially, full of fire and the rings are perfect. Xxx

    Ah well....see I didn't know you already had your own stash, you never said! lol and 14k gold as well, very nice. Nearest I've got is some pieces of Veronese 18k bonded over SS. Tbf I have had some nice Eek for nominal costs, nothing expensive, this new bracelet will be the dearest one. Looking forward to that arriving.

    Looks like I'll have to get me own cushion then, since you've nicked mine! Off to Matalan then? I saw a cracking AAA Tanzanite 18k gold ring on EBay yesterday for £150 with Anchorcert card as well. Last minute flurry of bidding took it to £185, still a bargain. I was after the pink Special edition Steiff bear she was selling, I had a bid on overnight and then in the final 3 minutes, some sod started bidding, I couldn't increase mine quickly enough and lost the auction by £1. Was I cross....yup. It was an England's Rose Princess D limited edition that sells for much more elsewhere.

    Brass monkeys here too.....xxxx
    Yup , I took a look at my diamonique stash this morning to see where there was any shortfall. The bracelet was a late in the day addition, on 3 EP's which gives me some thinking time. So, staying well away from GTV for the moment. Why don't you try a piece, masses of choice in the smaller sizes and great value for money especially in last clicks. xxx
    Hi again, have just had a phone call from C , they arrived a bit ago at the caravan park nr Alnwick, Percy Wood its called. They're delighted with the space they have, a huge caravan with 3 bedrooms and two toilets. Lauren has settled in straight away and even the weather has come out nice for them! My dear S-I-L has just informed me that even I would be happy with the bathroom arrangements there! Cheeky so and so.....lol.
    P xxxx
    Oh flip, many thanks for pointing that out Annie. I had been reading that thread earlier on my IPad and Perhaps the stylus that I use touched on the whatsit.

    This gadget has a bad habit of 'correcting' words as I type them in and changing them to something completely different from what I intended. Have to be careful otherwise there's more rubbish written , even more than usual! Auto spell gone mad. I let that ring go from my basket, no regrets and thanks again for your advice, it was well timed.

    Flipping cold here today, brass monkeys out there and yet as I write C and gang are heading up your way for the weekend, actually further north to Alnwick. And then to Scotland for Monday, hope they've thrown a few winter jackets in the boot of the car.
    P xxxx
    And again...:hi:

    Thanks for your thoughts, I can see where you're coming from. Having seen it first on the web leftovers, I was a bit dubious also. On camera it looked like a very different ring and MAtt was completely taken with it . I'll give it a bit more thinking time, as you say the colours may not suit each other. What are your Indicolite rings like, I can't recall if you've shown me. I meant to contact you earlier as I saw advertised on Gemsxtra (I think) at 5pm all size 5 only rings....but I forgot as the TV was off!
    P xxxx
    Aww, that's such a pretty ring, what a shame about the colour. Lovely design, did you see it on a live auction or from a web trawl? I've one in my basket right now, missed the actual auction, but Matt kept mentioning there were still some left on the web and then he showed it a couple more times. This ring combines two gems I don't already have and rather fancy, the price was £149 and the gold quantity is fine, hopefully it wouldn't slip too much on my finger. It looked a lot better on the telly than it does in the link, the blue stood out more. What do you think? P xxxx

    PS did you see the thread about Gem Cherubs new baby?

    Ooooh, have you now, do tell all. :clapping:
    I watched part of some of Q's shows but got a bit bored, as you say, silly prices with next to no proper details. We get a bit spoiled on Gems as we know all the info about each piece. So what do you have in your basket then? Hee Hee. I am awaiting delivery of a bag from QVC today, will tell you more later when it gets here....:tongue:

    Please pass on my love and best wishes to the lovely lady. And big pats and cuddles to the woofers too.
    P xxxx
    Hiya Annie, haven't seen you online for a time, hope all is well. Have been meaning to ask you if you are still in contact with OMF? I returned that Tanzy ring btw, refunds taking several days or more I believe.
    P xxxx
    Hiya Annie, thanks for your message earlier. I've just been watching what was supposed to be an hour of Harlequin pieces,and which lasted only 30 minutes. Colourful jewellery sold out like lightning, but spoiled by Adina's rubbish presentation. Why does she always get the brand new ranges and she just makes a mess of it! Phone bidders only so I couldn't be bothered getting into a telephone scrum, the pendants and earrings were nice.

    Pity the smaller size 5 went, its been there for ages! I've worn mine a bit already, so different from anything else I have, at least its keeping you firmly on the wagon. Got your comfy cushions with you? :giggle: Take care xxxx
    Yes they have. Am thrilled to bits with my 'harlequin' ring, lively bright diamonds, red, blue, yellow and white sparkle like billy-o in all lighting. The other one is a mixed bag, the step cut Tanzy is very good, more like a AAA, very clear and no windowing. But the accent blue diamonds are a bit dark and dull, and I've yet to convince myself that the two shades of blue blend well. Its also a bit loose, whereas Harlequin being a wider band, front and back fits perfectly. I don't know if multi coloured rings are your thing, but this is so unusual and a good price, would it interest you if they had a size 5, I know all the 7s have now gone. It is a limited edition of 15 pieces. I shall be wearing this one a LOT! xxxx
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