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  • Hi Annie, just a quickie to say very many thanks for your last message and good wishes . Have managed to find free internet in the hotel we staying in for tonight, so just catching up on things.

    Weather looks set fair for the weekend, hope you have some lovely walks with the woofers. My love and best wishes to OMF if you are in contact this weekend. Btw there's a new pic in the album for your delectation!

    Hi Annie, thanks for your message, hope you and the woofers are all well. Good to hear that you are in contact with OMF. Will be in touch again later with a little confession! :blush:
    Hi Ann, me again! Had a call from OMF, she sounded quite chipper and as philosophical as ever. We had a good natter and put the Eurovision to rights. How's Flossie doing? They're very resilient but it's still tough to watch them isn't it? Speak soon, way past my bo-bo's!
    Hi Annie, thanks for passing on the message from OMF and send my love back to her, am thinking of her.

    Thanks also for your earlier message and good to hear that Flossie is doing well after her op, she's a little sweetie in the photo. Also pleased to hear that you've had success with your latest attempts at getting a good Emerald ring, the others sound rather nice also. Any chance you'll do a review on the forum with some pics or codes, would be a treat to see some pretty bling on there for once? :happy:

    I've still a bit of credit left having got a couple of their inexpensive gold plated silver chains.....seem to have broken some recently. And a silver Milano charm of Westminster Abbey (to mark 'the wedding'), but haven't really been watching much recently!

    Hope R's knee is on the mend and that all is well with you.

    Pammy xxxx
    Thanks Ann, I've just tried her again with no luck then saw your message. Best to not keep tying up the phone line. Thanks for letting me know, I hope she's home for Eurovision!
    Hi Ann. No I couldn't get her last night. I'll keep trying and let you know if I'm lucky. Try not to worry, she's been in and out of hospital for several weeks now, we've probably just caught her at a bad time.
    Hi Fluff, just checking you're ok. I shall be trying OMF this evening and will send your love. I'm still fuming I don't know about you...
    Got your email and have just replied. Many thanks.
    Take care poppet xxxx
    I will, poppet, and you take care, too.
    Aww, Annie, I'm sorry, but it's a matter of principle, and I fear argey feels the same. I feel she and I have contributed so much more to the forum than DD or any of her ilk, but it appears that we are disposable and she is not. So be it.
    You have my email addy, and my number, so don't fret, we won't lose touch, I'm not about to abandon my wee babas, you know!
    Oh, poor R, bloomin' tendonitis is no fun at all. Strangely enough, my right knee is badly flared with rheumatoid arthritis at the mo, and it's not particularly pleasant.

    those rings sound lovely, I hope they live up to expectations.
    Aww, Hi Annie,
    I was wondering how you were doing. I'm okay-ish...
    Up with the larks, my footle, I haven't even been to bobos, you're nowt but an amateur, flower.
    Oh, poor darling Flossiekins, I do hope she'll be alright and that the op is over and done with before you know it. I know that feeling of being on pins when the wee babas are at the vet's surgery, so I shall be thinking of you both and wishing you well.

    Oooo, you've got a delivery too, have you? What are the rings you've ordered?
    Yes, I'll deffo show and tell if you do, though to be fair I haven't much to show these days, but that's alright as long as you don't tell. Woof!
    Lots of love, Yuffy, Bunty & my 27 other personalities. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Annie, just a quick update for you. Had a phonecall from C last night and everything is going well. Baby is well behaved and much more peaceful than his big sister was! Gave us all earache ..she did. Lol

    Enjoying the lovely weather that we've had since baby was born and his Dad too as he's on paternity leave atm. Bet the woofers are having a great time on the beach.
    Take care
    P xxxx
    Thanks for your message y'day Annie, if you look in my album you'll see a picture of the new arrival taken just 6 hours after he was born. Click on the piccy to enlarge it.
    Hi Annie, just a quickie to let you know that C had her baby at 1.15pm today, little boy weighing 8lbs. Had a very brief conversation with her and both were fine but very tired. Will be visiting the hospital later.
    P xxx
    Just wondered if you'd seen a pair of black and white knickers knocking about? I seem to be missing some...

    Hi Annie,
    No, they haven't arrived yet, maybe tomorrow, or, I should say, later on today. Looking forward to seeing my wee babas, I must say.
    I think from now on I'll simply add a bomb to recent posts and blow nasty so and sos sky high.
    Naturally, I love your avatar, too, what with the wee white bubba posing like a good 'un.
    Lots of love, Yo. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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