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  • Hiya
    I haven't been around lately but I hope you're OK. Thanks for this tip-off but, having recently checked my stockpile of one brand or another, I think I might just be OK for the next 5/6 years!!!! I do smell rather lovely all the time though! xxx
    Hi, sorry for lack of contact......been so busy with different things and not been around the computer. I'll email you over the weekend. Hope you're OK. xxxxx
    Hope you've had a fab day shopping and a wonderful evening. Look forward to hearing all about it. xxxx
    Just seen your profile pic on FB, looking good there Mrs! XXXL, my arse! (Well actually my arse is probably a XXXXL but what's a X between friends...).
    I got an email from her on Saturday. I sent her one yesterday so will hopefully hear back again soon. She and Colin are ok - I think she's just not been logging on much lately.
    All but one of them, but I think we have to regard them as being expendable in the great scheme of things. No, not expandable, you're thinking of your ruddy jeans again...
    Thank you so much although I do hate to see men hanging around for no reason!!!!!! Hope you're OK by the way. xxxxxx
    You mean that you and I are now both single gals about town? How on earth will the town cope? Eee, lass, I'm sorry you're going through trials and tribulations, even if the feeling was mutual. Just remember how well we coped in the jungle, you, me, Gillian and Demis, and I'm sure it'll reinvigorate your prowess. Roarrrrr!!
    Well, I guess we'd better bag Blunty for definite in Feb, we'd better make a really error-proof plan this time...
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