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    Liz Earle TSV 27/1/13 - Beauty Day

    She's not a great advert for her skincare, is she? :wonder: Click on the pic for bigger image.
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    Has anybody used Sundepil, I saw it on IW first but thought the price they were asking was mad (19.99 and 4.95 p&p) I came across it in my local pound shop for yes you guessed it a pound :giggle: I bought it weeks ago but just got around to using it today and I'm well impressed, it takes off...
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    [email protected] Price Of These Diamonique Earrings!!

    Item number 679 543, I bought these last year on Diamonique day for 30 quid and they're flogging them for 51 quid now :11:
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    80 Quid Wedding Dress

    I've just switched over and they've got a wedding dress for 80 quid, it doesn't look bad either.:cool2:
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    George Simonton!!!

    OMG who's the strange looking guy presenting with Julia? I've never seen or heard of the range before.
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    Cartier Is Suing QVC......

    For selling watches that they say are copies of theirs.
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    Clarks Shoes

    I'm watching the Clarks shoes hour and I have to say I'm impressed with the styling, prices and they're leather too, when did Clarks become so trendy and affordable?
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    Is It Really Free?

    I just placed an order for a pearl shortener and this is the email I received:11: Dear Mrs. ********, Thank you for placing your order with QVC. We'll send you a follow-up email as soon as we send your parcel(s) - so you can keep an eye out for your delivery. Order placed...
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    SBC Arnica Gel

    Does anyone use it around the eye area for puffiness or dark circles? or is it even safe to use in the eye area? MTIA x.
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    Letter Re Elemis 400ml Cleanser & Toner Set

    I just received a letter from QVC. Dear Mrs ..... Thank you for your recent purchase of the above item. When the above item was recently aired it was shown at the QVC price of £49.00. However, due to an error the price on Q-Cut, QVC Active and was showing as £19.25. As a gesture of...
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    Has anyone used this range of vitamins and skincare? They have what looks like 2 pretty good 4 day deals on offer and was just wondering if it was worth trying. TIA.
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    Does Anybody Else Get Annoyed...

    When you have to send a declaration that you didn't receive your item and they don't include an SAE!!!! I moved house in July and my letterbox is smaller than the old houses one and when I order jewellery the postman can't put it through my letterbox. If I'm not in the postie hardly ever leaves...
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    David Ades!!!

    Is on IW :32:
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    Just What The Doctor Ordered!!

    I have just finished watching an hour with Mike Saint, I have to say I haven't laughed so much in ages. I'm in bed with the flu and was feeling sorry for myself so I flicked through the shopping channels as you do and saw Mike:32: Generally I like his style of presenting and always thought he...
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    Lol @ Hubby!!!

    I am watching Dale presenting, he is showing a choice of 3 different colour gold snake chains and my OH just said I can't believe QVC are selling 3 little crappy chains for £80, I burst out laughing because it was only a choice of the 3 chains. It was expensive tbh it was only 3.6gms of gold:11:

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