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  • Hi Jo, many thanks for the confirmation of our 'pinkie', I would have been gutted if it turned out be treated. I expect you would too..as well as a few other folks who I think also have this ring. I have a few pieces of Ceylon Pad Sapphires, but having paid quite reasonable prices for these lovely designs in 18k gold, I shall be hanging on to them. But hope you get your returns refunded speedily.

    Thanks also for the lovely compliments on my album and I look forward to seeing your 'gems' if you start an album also.

    Take care and best wishes
    Pamela xx
    :hi: Hi Jo,

    It was three Tanzy rings I dumped after coming to my senses and realising I have more than enough in my collection already.

    Lyn was really poorly when she stopped emailing (at one point we were exchanging 3 or 4 messages a day) I continued sending little messages for a few months but eventually gave up when she didn't reply. So sad and I still think about her a lot and really, really hope she's OK.

    Good luck in with your Gem decisions.

    Ann xxx
    :hi: Hi Jo,

    I'm so pleased Andrew came up trumps for you too.

    I decided to take a refund for my Pad "coloured" Sapphire pieces because I'd only worn them a couple of times. I wasn't sure what to do about my Majestic Ruby ring because I'd had it resized but in the end I accepted the refund because Thailand couldn't source any information about it and Andy agreed it probably had been dyed and glass filled; he also refunded the cost of re-sizing so I can't fault the way he handled the situation.

    Are you still buying bling? Have to admit I am and all of my recent purchases have come from Rocks except for a lovely Alex ring from QVC clearance. I've been on the Gems wagon for ages .... was very tempted a few days ago but emptied my basket tonight.

    Please keep posting ... you are much missed.

    Ann xx

    Btw Are you still in touch with Lyn?
    Hiya Jo, nice to see you 'online' again. My fingers will also be crossed that our lovely pink diamond ring will be guaranteed to be natural....although Steve Ashton did give reassurances that those pieces were.

    Hope you are enjoying 'grandmotherhood', expect its keeping you very busy. If you're at all interested, there's a pic of my 'little gem' in my Bling album, taken of her in her usual quirky mix of attire! Lol

    Hope you can join us a bit more often, we could do with some of the more sensible and genuine gem lovers back on the forum.

    Take care
    Pamela xx
    hi babe x if you do manage to scare Lynne up, pls say hi from me.
    Meanwhile my gems buying days are over for the time being - boracic in spades until after April. I have another obsession just now which does not involve jewellery or gems!
    Jo ... I was in regular touch with Lyn until about this time last year and then all emails suddenly stopped. Sent her birthday presents by SD but heard nothing. Wrote a letter to her daughter and gave her my email address and asked her to let me know how Lyn was but never got a reply. Very worried but nothing more I can do.

    Ann xxx
    Hi Jo xx
    lovely to hear from you. I'm afraid I've heard nothing back from Lynne in an age. I just hope she's ok.
    glad to hear your family are giving you great. hope they continue to do so throughout 2010.
    Sam xx
    To Jo

    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year
    Pamela xxx

    Would love to see you back on the forum again.....

    I may well have destroyed the first link by accident so just in case, here we go again!

    My very best wishes for a Happy Christmas and New Year.

    Pamela xx
    PS Look forward to seeing you posting again...you have been missed!
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