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    A few more for my colllection

    Bought these over the last week or so, firstly just to say about the delivery, first ones I had were with the standard service. Can't say I was overwhelmed with the service, hated not knowing when it would arrive, so my last order I paid the extra £1 and boy was it worth it. As KB has already...
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    Just to let you know I bought these a little while ago for £156 (price was discounted) I had them valued at £750!!! Really pleased with them when I got them so you can imagine how pleased I am now!!:D:D Its been a bit...
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    'Feel good' news

    Was going to post this sooner but had some valuations done on my diamond solitaire ring and pendant. The jeweller commented on what stunners and lovely pieces they were. Diamond solitaire ring, bought for £699 and...
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    Been meaning to post these

    Been meaning to post the couple of deliveries I had a short while ago, some where web bargains and one I just couldn't resist....;) This is another sparkling sphene, its a different colour to the one I've already got but has...

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