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    QStore on Ebay

    Appears to have nothing for sale - does anyone know if it has closed?
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    News of Charlie from Charlie Bears

    Just read a new post on Debbie Flint's FB saying Will had advised that after a 9 month battle with cancer, Charlie has finally beaten the illness. Poor woman- no wonder she looked so ill. Very glad to hear she is doing so well.
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    Kirks Folly Dropped by QVC.Com

    I had an email from Jennifer Kirk confirming that QVC US has not booked any KF shows for 2014. I know a lot of ST members don't rate KF, but a lot of viewers enjoy the shows and the 'magic' - end of an era. There are shows in UK tomorrow and Tuesday but I wonder how long they will last here.
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    Web Firsts

    Hi, please excuse me if this has already been posted, but I just looked in 'Web Firsts' and they have the Price's candles, Carole Hochman, Laura Geller and Lulu Guinness TSV's (at TSV prices) on there. Sadly for me, the only one I woud lie is the bag, but at this time of year I can't even...
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    What happened there?

    Was just watching the beauty week show when the screen went blank for a moment and then prepology with Debbie G appeared on my screen - was the last show not live? Am I missing something?
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    Hot pick? You are having a laugh QVC

    In the online 'extended hot picks' section they are touting 'Marvins Magic Drawing Board' - it has 18 reviews with an average of 1.3 however all but 2 of the reviews give 1 star, and have to be universally the worst set of reviews I have ever read. It's not even as if the reviews are about...
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    Ali Young's bunny face (on Mally show)

    I can do the bunny face too! Quite like the fun side of Ali
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    Problem ordering on iphone via website

    Hi, this is weird so I wanted to check whether anyone else has had same experience; I sometimes find the iPhone app has limitations so I use one of the other methods of ordering. Today I tried the mobile service and had message popped up saying this service had closed due to lack of popularity...
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    Julia's top for TSV launch

    Yes, I know JR is wearing those favourite flipping shoes and trousers that give her sparrow legs, but I rather like her top as I now find I prefer to cover my upper arms, so sleeveless isn't for me. I could have sworn I'd seen the top on air, but CS said it's Julia's own top and not a QVC...
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    Decleor TSV

    Hi, I heard Ali Young a few weeks ago saying there would be a fantastic Decleor TSV in July - when DH and I will be going on holiday - do any of your detectives have the dtate please? thanks!!
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    Don appearing?

    I was feeling really unwell last night - have an ear infection and could be delusional - but I'm sure just as I was hitting the 'off' button Victoria Burton said something about Don coming over next week - did I imagine this (quite possible)? By the time I managed to turn back on there was...
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    Kipling Milos and Purse Set on 15th birthday - am I going mad

    Hi, I'm beginning to think I'm losing the plot and would be really grateful if anyone can help here - I ordered a Kipling Milos and purse set on 15th birthday - it's arrived and is very nice - however I could have sworn it was advertised on the day as Milos and Tops Purse Set - I even checked...
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    Northern Nights Birthday Price Duvet

    I don't know if anyone else here bought this duvet today, I was pleased with the price of £75 for a double, however during the presentation and also on the web video clip, the NN rep clearly said it is 'just filled with down' she went to say 100% but stopped herself - then when the 'down jar'...
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    Please help

    Hi, I am so fed up with Ideal World who appear to have recharged me for an item instead of refunding me - their email responses (when they bother to reply) are inadequate and I simply don't have time to constantly call them from work - only to be told a manager will call back - I'm still waiting...

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