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    Hi Tia, Oh, what an exotic menu! My Augustus Tickletummy rejects snails ans slugs and demands cat food - I've spoiled him too much. He has taken to hiding in the foliage and growling and grunting to scare people as they pass the garden They seem to think it's a vicious dog or something and hurry off! If only they could see, it is a teeny little hedgie. He still hasn't got an Agrippina in his life but I will keep looking for a suitable ladyfriend for him.
    I am okay thanks. Had surgery and a chemo last week and am starting to feel a bit stronger now and getting some strength back. Hope you are okay and that life is being kind to you at the moment. Lots of love, Yolanda xxxxxxx
    Hi Tia, sorry I never got back to you sooner :eek:
    Ofcourse I dont mind you added me as a friend the more the merrier :D

    Thanks for your congrats, I got my certificate the other week and it was great to see it was official, the summer is really flying by and it wont be long before I am back to it again, I have lots of reading to do to prepare for next year :eek:

    Hope you are well, Take care xx
    thanks very much Tia. it's always lovely sharing thoughts and friendship with fellow animal lovers!

    have a good weekend. Sxx
    Awwwwwwwwwww I am sure you will have loads soon you are too nice not to xxxxxx
    Ahhh, what a resourceful kitty getting himself a lovely red boat!
    Thank you it made me smile. The road flooded, but thankfully only a couple of puddles in my basement and the pump took them away! Hoorah!
    Hi Tia- very glad to have you as a friend, thanks for asking. twinkle, BusyLizzie and I hope that we make people smile with our wacky posts. Can't wait til TSV day!!!!
    Love Sharon xx
    hoi Tia! i am fine thanks, i hope you and yours are well. Last day of school tomorrow for the munchkin and then the holidays start! wooooo hoooo!
    Hi just popped in, but on flood watch and supposed to be going out too!!!!
    I'm well thanks (as long as I dont flood with this rain) and hopefully if I'm a VIP member can get posting again soon.
    Thanks for your kind words Tia. It's been a difficult time...from the day Mum took ill 5 weeks ago to this week where we've been arranging the funeral. I'm at the stage now where it's all organised and I just need to get through Saturday as best as I can.
    P x
    Hi Tia,

    Yes it is me who shares your birthday. What a disaster, losing all the info on the site, such a shame. Nice to be your friend again! x
    Hi Tia,
    Pleased to be your friend! No, I share my birthday with bbelle 17/1.
    It's good to be back.
    Love Twinkle xx
    Hi Tia
    Yeah everynight packing something doing my head in i have got rid of shedloads though so am decluttering each bedroom
    Like your new name chick x
    They did indeed, I made all the jellyfish look tanned but at least didn't get sunburnt! Was a great holiday though, nice and chilled out. Perfect weather too, can't really ask for much more. How are you enjoying your new name?
    Ok, werkse. Blij dat alles het weer doet.
    Leuke naam. Ik las je post, ik heb ook in Spanje gewoont.
    Bij Girona in de buurt.
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