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    true call

    I'm seriously considering buying one of these because of all the phone calls I'm getting. I'm signed up for TPS but still get at least 4 international calls (I know bt can't do anything about these) and 2 or 3 'withheld' numbers a day. When I answer there's no one at the other end and they never...
  2. worrier


    I could knit you one.
  3. worrier

    For Mommabear

    wasn't Lisa Goddard married to him at one time?
  4. worrier

    QCompare Just heard Kathy Taylor mention this that qvc have linked up with energy saving websites. This will bring them in a bit of revenue if they are struggling.
  5. worrier

    Beth the model

    Is Beth pregnant? :hide:
  6. worrier

    Pippa's Top

    Pippa's on now 11.30am. She's had this top on before and she joked that she might look as though she had her knapsack on. This top has a khaki thick strap tied up and fastened with a silver buckle to a brown sequined top (sequins are coming away). It looks awful, far to big for her and I'm...
  7. worrier

    Thorntons Chocolate

    It's only been on 25 minutes and DG has demolised half the stock for display. The woman on with her has warned her 'no more Debbie'. Did she listen? Not a chance. Go Debs.
  8. worrier

    She's my favourite I just love Leon Love.
  9. worrier

    Sarah Griffiths

    She's doing the Nails inc hour at 11am. She looks like I look before I have put on my eyemakeup and lipstick. She just look very unfinished and very bland imho.
  10. worrier

    Pig of the Day

    now I think they would look very fetching with one of Mommabears Kaftans.:door:
  11. worrier

    Do you think it's not coming

    I ordered Prostrong TSV on 18th of last month. Is anyone else still waiting for theirs? I was hoping it was just the bank holiday delay but still no joy.:mad:
  12. worrier

    Ring Ring anyone love these more than life it'self?

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