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Jan 13, 2022
Have you also noticed that Gemporia has reduced massively their 9k gold collections? Nowadays it's either silver/ gold plated or 18k gold pieces most of the time. And it's very rare to see new coloured gemstone collections in 9k gold. Perhaps Kimbie is Gemporia's future, not gemstones. If so, it's not a future I want to be a part of.
Probably because there are huge mark-ups to be made on 18k gold - and the gold-plated tat seems to be stuff that is bought in, presumably cheap, from China.

On the subject of 9k gold, it's been noted by many that you hardly get any gold weight for your money now - but nobody seems to have picked up on the point that when they had the Rocks TV channel, their gold jewellery was actually 10k gold because 10k was / is the minimum allowed over in the States. So a few years ago, customers were actually getting slightly purer gold than they do these days.
£149 for a coated Topaz set in 2.29 grams of gold. Final 'auction' price in a supposed 'sale' hour.


Non-trade price of 2.29 grams of gold is £40.12p today - and the stone would be around £25 retail price to us on Gem Collector.

That's around £65.12 to make at RETAIL cost if me or you was making it.

They'll be making it for significantly less at trade prices.

And this is in a SALE.

What happened to "we only operate on tiny margins"?

There a BIG profit in that ring - even in the supposed 'sale'.


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£149 for a coated Topaz set in 2.29 grams of gold. Final 'auction' price in a supposed 'sale' hour.

Bonkers. eBay - straight search, top 3 results for 'mercury mystic topaz ring':

Left: 4.04g, Middle (recent, from 2021) 1.66g and the silver one is from this year, with 1.69g of metal. Definitely worth a quick scout around.

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