Amazon TSV 16/5/21


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Try, "Alexa, I need a new pair of kick donkey sneakers".
I once asked Alexa what the weather was like in a town in Yorkshire because I was going there for the weekend.

Her answer “I’m sorry I don’t know that place.” I simply said (stupidly as it happens) “Alexa, you need to get yourself a map.”

I was mortified when she said “I’ve added an atlas to your shopping basket.” Needless to say, I logged into my Amazon account and cancelled her very “kind” purchase. 🙄


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And yet, Lee bleats on about it like it is infallible and knows everything.
I often feel like throwing mine out of the window (but not all of them at once).

It was useful yesterday to tell me what year MCMLXXIX was (the date of a film I'd been watching).

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They always try to sign you up, but if you avoid all that guff, you eventually get a free one.

How does your library provide them eg memory stick, streaming, etc?
Ours was a case of signing up to the library with your membership number then using those details in an app called 'Bluefire' Or something. I haven't used it for a while so it may have changed.

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