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I never watch Loose Women, it’s just not my thing even when it first started, but I had to look up on the net to see who Brenda Edwards is as I’ve never heard of her, low and behold like Ruth It must be a thing that if you’re on Loose Women you get to be a “designer” and have your own range!
he has more than just one place don’ t ya know maybe tge place in Spain is a summer renral. I have never been to Spain and have no wish to visit!
Seville is really lovely but that's the only time I've been to Spain. The Spanish aren't that keen on the Brits though and that was apparent in some cafes we went in. No probs, I just upsticked and went to the one next door :D

I like the Northern coast of Spain, the Basque country, Cantabria from San Sebastián, Bilbao, along to Santiago d Compostella.I used to go to the Costa Del Sol in the winter months as it is reputed to be the best weather on mainland Europe, but avoid the ‘British’ bars and some of the expats! Malaga is a lovely city, again get off the beaten track & don’t wear the shorts and flip flops in the winter when the Spanish are wrapped up in their winter coats, some of the Brits look rediculous.
My idea of hell is having to go on holiday to a resort in Spain. Boring! If I ever went to Spain, it would be to Barcelona or Madrid. I want history not some pool, endless tacky shops and Brit fish and chip shops.

I watch the show on Channel 4 about people buying holiday homes, Spain is the most boring going. All the apartments are the same shape seen one you've seen them all, same for the houses. France and Italy gorgeous places and houses or apartments.
I am now 74, in all my times in the past when choosing where to go, I completely boycott countries who are known for terrible and consistent treatment of animals. As far back in my years as I can go this is how I have always felt. Even in some countries where this treatment is not general, there are still pockets.
I too watch A Place In The Sun and the ignorance of some people amazes me. Another place I refused to give my money is Greece for the same readons. I have a list.

As for the French, I don’t suppose anyone remembers a few years back when French farmers wanted us to buy their meat etc. We had cattle trucks going over to France with live animals. The French set fire to these trucks with all live animals inside. All animals
killed in the most horrendous manner. It is disgusting.

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