Centigrade Faux Fur Coat - Help Please.


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Hi all,

Mum is interested in the Centigrade faux fur jackets, 174816. She's a high street 10-12 but likes her jackets a little larger, so just wondering if you'd recommend the small or medium for the best fit? Not sure if Centigrade generally come up larger or smaller?

TIA :)


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Cute jacket! I'm a 14, a bit busty and I'd probably order Medium based on the measurements. I'm only 5 feet tall so avoid sizing up in coats because manufacturers seem to think the chubbier you are the taller you are! 'Cos that's a thing...NOT! Too-long sleeves make me look like I'm in my big sister's hand-me-downs! I hope your mum gets the perfect fit; I'd suggest size Small.


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I am size 12-14 and I am size small in Centigrade jackets.


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Thanks! She went for the small :) Hopefully not too long to wait until we know :) Hesitated a bit too long and missed the colour she really wanted but luckily some were left in the second choice - Plum.

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