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Jun 24, 2008
Some of you may remember that last year I posted regarding a close friend at my work who was becoming obsessed with contacting her late father through clairvoyancy. This is still going strong and I would say intensifying. The lady she uses once worked at the same place as us, before my time, but obviously knows a fair few of us in our circle of friends & colleagues, so that did make me feel somewhat sceptical. I always said I wouldn't go to one of her "evenings" but a few months back, I was persuaded and despite still coming away as sceptical had a great fun night. She'd laid on a beautiful buffet, wine was in abundance, and the Clairvoyant lady was really pleasant. Part of the evening involved us placing photographs of our loved ones onto the table (without her seeing who'd placed what photograph). She was able to tell me that my late mother no longer had trouble with her legs and was at peace etc, and how I was fond of pets and mentioned a particular animal that had passed fairly recently, and for others said things that they seemed she couldn't possibly have known.

To cut a long story short (well I'll try, you know me!) She had another one of her evenings this week and because of the passing of my ex, I jumped at the chance. I excitedly placed my photograph, the one I posted on here onto the table. The clairvoyant lady arrived shortly after, and said I hope you don't mind but I've brought a friend along she's also clairvoyant, so we'll be hosting this evening together. I didn't think much of it until the evening became under way. It started to become quite obvious that all the names that the usual lady would by now most definitely know off by heart were being uttered by the new lady - because if the usual one said looked at my friend and said "I'm getting a Stanley through" (friend's dad) We'd all think, yeah, you should know his name by now! The other observation was that they were able to "do" more than one person simultaneously, thus ensuring that the show doesn't "over run" - historically my friend has quite a lot of people in attendance - kerching! Oh, and I didn't mention that clairvoyant lady is a facebook friend to most of those in attendance, and I'd be stupid to think that she doesn't glean what information she can from that..Ie who'll be in attendance for starters.

From all of the photos mine was pretty much not looked, I mean they picked it up and glanced at it scanned the room and placed it back onto the table. As the evening was drawing to a close, she said does anyone have any questions? pretty much everybody did, however, I asked directly whether they got anything from my picture. Yes she said, obviously recognising now that the female in the picture was me, she said some spirits are very private, this one is very private and wants to talk to you on your own, book a "one to one" with me darling..."What was his name darling?" I said "That would be telling!" Well I'm getting the letter A...No, I said, it seemed obvious she was trying to wrap up, So I said try "D" - She came back with well I was strongly getting the name Alex, or David!!! BINGO!!!!! She asked me whether the top half of his body was what caused his passing, at this stage I'd given up, so said yes I suppose the substances he abused his body with went into his mouth. They were able to tell me that he was my brother and that he was 27 or 34 when he passed and he had family probs mainly due to his father when growing up, and rivalry with a "sister figure" when he was growing up, How he wished to become a lawyer (er no, he worked in the building trade, and loved it!) It is true that he did have issues with his dad growing up, other than that, they couldn't have been more wrong. Happily I was not upset that he didn't "come through" as I feel I've been proved right to be sceptical!!!!

I came away thinking that the real reason my photo wasn't picked out was this - Two young people, not immediately obvious who they are, therefore not immediately obvious which one had passed, not in an intimate pose, so relationship between them not obvious either = Not a lot to go on apart from wild guesswork and clutching at straws. Oh well, a fun night anyway, good food and good company!!!
Oh dear Merryone what can one say. They are very good at reading people, also the photos everyone will look like their parents or family members. Hence your photo of your friend threw them.

As for the death by top half of body, well how many died from broken legs,ankles, getting impaled on spikes? All the major organs are on the upper part which I count from the waist. Yes, bowel cancer of course, but the fakes will say cancer not the exact one fishing some more.
Better to go and see a bereavement councillor than get involved with clairvoyance.

Oh, I totally agree. Thankfully the night actually helped me because it opened my eyes even more to what a load of old bunkum it is, and my memories are my memories and I don't need to pay some stranger to tell me "He's with you darling" - I know that anyway. It's just one of the phrases they have, like "he/she says sorry", "He/she's watching over you".

I really don't understand why my friend keeps wanting to contact her dad - As I said before her life's a bit of a mess, and I think she believes that he'll guide her to clearer waters but after 3 years - she doesn't seem to have any peace. I think perhaps she'd be better off talking to a counsellor (financially as well as emotionally) and try and make some important descisions as to where she want's her life to go!

Still interested to hear other people's experiences and opinions on mediums and clairvoyancy in general. I'm fascinated!
The other thing I noticed is that on both occassions I've been, the "Clairvoyant" brought her husband with her. He was driving, but why he couldn't just drop her off and collect her later - I don't know! Well I think I do, I think he's there for a reason. On both occasions he sat at the back of the room facing the "audience" I think he's taking notes, I mean he's not sitting there with a pen and paper or anything but he's definitely there to "read" us, take on board names and relationships etc, I'm sure it's a great help to the clairvoyant!
I really found some peace with CRUSE. Clairvoyants, not so much!

Trouble is, even though I'm a close friend I don't think I have the guts to suggest to her that perhaps she could do with some counselling re the death of her father instead of going to umpteen spiritualist events, even hosting them in her own home. She is convinced that the woman she uses communicates with the spirit world. During the evening I went to the "medium" was saying you'll start to feel really cold in a moment, and the others were saying oooh yes I can feel it, I didn't have the guts to tell them I wasn't, and you'll see that the candle will stop flickering as the spirits leave the room, " Stop flickering candle- look, there we are it's stopped" It hadn't by the way. I'm totally convinced that she's literally managed to brainwash my friend, and another couple of ladies she knows. The next night she's hosting is a tarot session and I have declined the invite.
I think you should suggest that she sees a councillor, she is not getting any resolution with the clairvoyance. She is probably very unhappy.
I think you should suggest that she sees a councillor, she is not getting any resolution with the clairvoyance. She is probably very unhappy.

But how would I broach the subject? I guess just a straight out " Have you considered seeing a bereavement counsellor?". You're right , she isn't happy, she's doing a good job of the day to day stuff, keeping her house clean, going to work, socialising, going on foreign holidays, I mentioned her problems in the other thread I started. It's a bit of a confusing situation, cause it's clearly not just her dads passing that is at the root of all her anguish. In regard to the frequent clairvoyancy, I'm not too sure what shes actually getting from it. If it was to find out whether her dad was at peace, then I'd think she'd realise by now that he is, so why keep trying to contact him. I honestly think she sees it almost as a substitute for talking to him on the phone - Perhaps she's just waiting for him to (through the medium obviously)tell her what she should do with her life- however, we all know that the only person who can decide that is herself, despite what she thinks. I wouldn't feel comfortable debunking the medium at the moment as "she's too far gone" - I'm sorry if that sounds mean, and sadly I don't know anyone else who I can imagine having the guts to do the same. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to talk to another close friend and we'll give it a go try and gently point her in the right direction. Sorry if I sound like a bad friend, I really do care for her but I feel stuck!
She sounds like she's addicted and scared. Scared she will fall apart without these leeches, she is vulnerable and they have latched on to her. I feel so sorry for her, I lost my last elder a year ago and I feel very orphaned, but as soon as I heard he was on the last road, I booked for a series of sessions at CRUSE, knowing I needed to do some resolving first. It helped me so much...

I think it is an incredibly difficult conversation to have and she may say you are no longer her friend, as she may know unconsciously you are right, but in the part of her brain that is irrational (and seems to have the upperhand at the mo) she will be angry if you challenge her need for this crutch, and she will feel wrongfooted if you point out how they aren't moving her on. (Which is exactly what they don't want, they need her to keep on needing them....)
What makes it harder is that we work together, so it could be incredibly awkward, and some of the other ladies I work with also seem as "brainwashed" about this woman's psychic abilities as she is. To be quite frank, I'd say the woman has about as much psychic ablity as I have, she's just learnt the tricks of the fact the psychic sidekick she brought along with her last week told us she was an actress - That says it all! At last week's evening, she suggested that one of us had problems with the "womb", no one owned that one, so it got diluted down to period pains, really bad period pains, of course one lady (aged 50 I hasten to add was advised to go for a hysterectomy!!!!) And one woman, was told to leave her long term partner as he was controlling and her father who'd "come through" never liked him and said she could do better!....FFS, If you listened to your parents when they were alive you'd have never done anything!
There's another lady who's a friend of us both at work and we often socialise together, she's in the same mind as me, perhaps we could broach the subject together, might be easier. The real trouble is, is what i've said repeatedly, her problems are more to do with her situation on earth, than her father being in heaven!
I hope you and your sensibly headed friend can persuade her she is barking up the wrong tree, or just plain barking!!! Good luck with it, addicts hate to be challenged, so think this intervention may make her cleave all the harder to her fix!
Ah as you work together, I think you should leave well alone. After all your livelihood depends on your relationships at work. Would be better for your own sanity that you find an excuse not to attend these events. Perhaps the in crowd will tire of the sessions soon. Probably a passing interest.
Ah as you work together, I think you should leave well alone. After all your livelihood depends on your relationships at work. Would be better for your own sanity that you find an excuse not to attend these events. Perhaps the in crowd will tire of the sessions soon. Probably a passing interest.

You're right, it does put a different light on things when you work together, as you say relationships there affect your daily life, and yes, I'll do my upmost to avoid going to any more of these evenings! I've already declined the invite to the Tarot night! The thing that makes me want to scream is the fact that this flamin' woman used to work at our place - granted it was some years back, but one would presume she still has memories! "Your father is telling me that Bobby is with him - Who's Bobby?"..."OMG..Bobby was our dog - Wow! that's amazing!" Yes, the woman chuckles to were always talking about him at work!
I've always been sceptical, but with social media, which of course they NEVER have a peep at!!! - And a clairvoyant that actually knows you...REALLY?!

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