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Do you call this a coat or jacket?

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I Love Chocolate

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QVC always call outerwear like this a coat (to make you think you’re getting more for your money). I call it a jacket.


What do you think?


It's a jacket. No two ways about it. QVC would refer to a bolero as a coat if they thought it'd increase sales.


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I would call this a three-quarter coat. I only buy that length as I always wear trousers and don't much like a long coat. I do think the one in the picture is only just about long enough to qualify though.


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Now as I am only 5' 1 and a half inches tall on me it will be a coat coming to just above my knee.

Boris Bear

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I consider that to be a jacket as it’s only just covering her bottom. It would have to be much closer to the knee for me to call it a coat.


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I’d call it a coat as I don’t buy full length coats as I’m too short for them. I class a jacket as a posher more formal version of a cardigan. My thinking if I’d put it over a cardi then it’s a coat :)


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I'd wear a coat on top of a jacket, so as I wouldn't wear something over this I call it a coat. Length is immaterial to me. I wouldn't wear it as I don't want a coat where my bum freezes if I sit down outdoors, and because anything padded or quilted will end up with me reassembling Bibendum AKA the Michelin man!


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Jacket. Way too short to be a coat. But really don't care as I'd never own anything like this. Really don't like it.


I recently bought a jacket - in black corduroy with a grey fleecy lining. It's quite short and definitely a jacket. Soon I am going to buy a coat - possibly a pea coat or a duffle coat, I'm not entirely sure yet. That will be a longer length garment. As someone who is on the reasonably tall-ish side (183cm) I find some jackets look quite short on me if I get them in a fitted size, so I often buy the next size up. This means I get the length I want but not the fit. :(


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I would call it a jacket because I always think of a coat as being longer & usually more formal. Having said that the car coat has always been this length, as has the pea coat & if I owned one I would probably say that I was getting, taking off or wearing 'my coat'. Blimey, I can't decide but I'm the person who wears a snowboarder shirt & calls it a jacket...
I’ve always thought of a jacket as something fairly fitted, short and only worn outdoors in spring and autumn. Probably stemming from work suits.

Everything else is a coat to me albeit a short coat or a long coat depending on the length on me.

I Love Chocolate

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And the winner is .... it’s a jacket with 52.17%!

It was close but I can now officially say hope everyone enjoys wearing their new jacket!

Thanks for your votes :grin:


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This isn’t by any chance the TSV one which is getting terrible reviews on Arsebook?

It looks the same as the TSV and the reviews on the QVC website make interesting reading as the majority of them give it 1 or 2 stars.

I'll own up to having bought the TSV because I wanted a slightly longer jacket than the ones I have. It arrived very quickly but was returned within half an hour of its delivery.

I've got a couple of Centigrade jackets already but, despite ordering my usual size, the sleeves were too tight and I'd have to take it off to drive which defeats the point of having a coat for the winter.

I've also submitted a review to go with the dozens that had the same problem as I did.

Whether it's deemed a coat or a jacket it's definitely a "fail."

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