Dear Lord...


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If you had tried to buy some items especially zoflora and found that every single shop in the country had sold out that is who you have to thank.

At present her arms and voice appear in an Areal advert the one sending off a T shirt in an envelope.

She is in full barbie doll make up at all times, including in labour!
I've used Zoflora for years but never seen the Arial advert either


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I've never heard of her.

Google her. But make sure you are sitting in a very comfortable chair with no hard edges anywhere near you. I've known about her about 2-3 years and still in a bit of shock.

I think she has some nice bits to her character. But naming my cleaning clothes and liquids is not my thing. She's made a lot of dosh and good on her. She has a few products attached to her. A clothes washing liquid, but I don't know which one. A range of clothes in F&F Tesco. She has these four books. Woman is doing well. She's spotted a thing she can do, she's making lots of dosh, she's not hurting anyone.

If I ever get to go through and complete this activity journal I'll report back. But think I will finish it in a day or two or take about a year to read & complete it. Or never.

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