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Jun 24, 2008
Not sure if you all found out about this yet.

But Ebay has been hacked so changed your password.

Ignore phishing emails asking you to follow a link to change your password. Only do it through the offical Ebay site.

No mention about Paypal but perhaps it would be wise to do so, make sure different password and security hint too.
Paypal have confirmed they are not affected. I never linked my PayPal account to eBay and still have to sign in to PayPal when I buy something on eBay and use PayPal. I'm not going to bother to change my password as it is unique to ebay. I also couldn't find where to change it when I looked earlier today. LOL. BTW eBay say they were hacked in Feb/March time so it has either taken them a while to realise or they were keeping stum. Their share price has taken a hit.
I couldn't find out how to change my password initially lol. Took me ages to find my details :)

Once signed into eBay, click on the triangle at the side of your name ( top left side of page); drop down menu - my account; personal information, then you can edit your password.

I changed PayPal too, as I think it's a good thing to change passwords. Problem is trying to remember them.
iloveshopping, my Ebay and Paypal are not linked either. They seem to want you to do it with the one click thing. I just ignore and prefer to sign in when I pay for anything.
I've been thinking that I might change my email address that I use for eBay too. I have a dedicated email just for eBay so it won't harm to replace that. Obviously, I can't change any of the other information the hackers may have for identity theft. It's a nuisance that our information wasn't / isn't securely looked after. :mysmilie_51:
I saw the item about it on the news yesterday and so changed my password soon afterwards ........ just incase.
Thanks for the warning Donna, although I did see it on the news this time. I too find it a little difficult to work out how to change my password - thankfully I did eventually work it out. Can't believe the length of time it took ebay to tell customers. Not good at all.

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