Elemis TSV 7/4/24


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Elemis 5 Piece Collection TSV 07/04/24 (Frgrances & Sizes ect Subject to change)

30ml PCMC SPF 30 RRP £64 + post
150ml Marine Cleanser RRP £48 + post
15ml Super Serum RRP £59 + post
300ml Bath & Shower Milk RRP £29 + post
100ml Body Balm RRP £18 + post

Total RRP £218 + post


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Oh for goodness sake I really don’t know why they bother having buyers this is just same old same old. I think I am finally out with Elemis, I have been having great results with Murad and Sunday Riley that unless Elemis come back with something remarkable they are not for me anymore.
My money is safe with this as well. The serum is ‘new and improved’ but doesn’t have very good reviews on the Elemis website, and as the marine cream seems to be in every tsv I have plenty.
And yet again trying to dump the PCMC Spf 30 which most really dislike.

Then shove two bath/shower products in, make it look a big TSV.:sleep:
It’s really a bit rubbish… I know their bath and body products are quite expensive, but they aren’t very good… the body cream fragrances are so stinky I always give them to hubby for his feet, and even he moans at the smell. And the body wash bottle has been discussed on here before…
The old stock saga is still rumbling on, and personally, I just don’t trust the brand anymore. I also think they need to get a new BA…Keeley is incredibly annoying and I’m afraid a lot,of what she spouts is just rubbish…
Gonna have to disagree with some of your responses. I like the marine cream Spf 30, currently using marine cleanser and I do see a difference in my skin.
As for Keeley Aydin , I think she is a very knowledgeable lady and passionate about her job - wish I was that passionate about mine.

I do “get “ people not wanting body products but unfortunately TSV’s are not going to please everyone - I include myself in that.
As for the “dates saga “ I don’t stock pile but I accept some customers do and it would be very annoying to know the dates are not what you thought.

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