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Jun 24, 2008
Hopefully, the Spring weather will arrive for good soon and we'll be able to think of adding colour to the garden. Picked up a 'Special Buys' leaflet in Aldi this morning and notice they will be having some lovely gardening products in stock this coming Sunday the 26th March. Such things as a 20 pack of Hardy Spring Bedding Plants for £2.69 per tray and you can choose from Pansy, Pansy Designer Mix, Viola or Viola Designer Mix. I've had great success with Aldi plants (also Morrisons) but I do know it can be a bit hit-and-miss on how some stores tend not to look after the display shelves and trays can look very sorry for themselves at times!

Another great buy will be the Easy Fill Baskets....12" Round ones for £2.99 each and Wall ones for £5.99 each, both available in black polypropylene. I have used this style of Basket for years and they are so easy to fill. As you fill with bigger plants to start off with the display looks great straight away.

Lots of other gardening goodies too so definitely worth a trip to save money compared to many rip-off offerings from QVC!!
i agree and those with time and not much money can buy seeds from pound land 8 packs of various seeds for £1. these are of a very good quality and would fill a large border for pennies.

poundland have shrubs to for £1 each pot up asap and they romp away. then you can plant out when your borders have warmed up a bit.
when i see qvc prices the postage costs alone for one item could fill your garden with bedding and shrubs
I bought a Camellia in Aldi a few weeks ago it was small but full of buds that are now flowering. I find with them you have to get when the first have them.
Thanks for that. My nearest Aldi is the other end of town but sounds like it might be worth a trip.

Reviving an old thread but just wondering how people got on if they tried any of the Aldi gardening products this time last year? I am hopeless with gardening and gave up trying years ago - although I keep it tidy-ish, I don't do any more - but during the recent very cold spells, I bought a number of bird-feeding items and because I'm looking out more now, it has rekindled my interest in brightening up the garden a bit so I'm after basic things like compost and a couple of simple plants for the pots. Aldi seems as good a place as any and the prices look predictably good. I will probably kill them so I'm not going to go mad.
i bought a camelia from aldi in streatham the beast from the east failed to kill it so heres hoping it will last many years
i bought a camelia from aldi in streatham the beast from the east failed to kill it so heres hoping it will last many years

Well, that's promising, although the Beast from the East probably has nothing on me when it comes to killing plants, sadly! Thanks, boffy. I am going to make a trip to Aldi over the weekend - or I might pop over tonight. I bought some mini pansies (apparently called Viola) in Lidl this morning so they're ready to go in my new planters but I do need compost and some other paraphernalia.

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