Has this come back yet?


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Got Virgin now and not cable. I notice the website is under construction again and wondered what was happening with the channel please?


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It is only live in the morning from 9am for the SnatchIt live auctions and other than that it is pre-recorded.

Steve was pushing EqualWorld like crazy on Gems the other night, and even started selling the Sarah Bennett fragrances on Gems and asked for the EqualWorld website to be shown on the screen behind him. He kept mentioning the channel and the website. In that broadcast they sold around 500 Sarah Bennett items in aid of EqualWorld, which I think would have resulted in an income of around £10,000 (I cant remember exactly) but the trouble is they're not telling us exactly how much of that money is 'profit' and I feel the customer has a right to know that as they keep saying that it is the 'profit' which goes into the EqualWorld foundation. That is the flaw with the channel, or one of the flaws, I think they should perhaps tell the viewer and customer how much as a percentage per item goes to the foundation, rather than using the phrase profit as to me that is as bad as Ideal World saying 70% of the stock has now gone, but that is 70% of what as they never tell us how many items were available in the first place.


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BID TV presenter selling BID TV products in a BID TV way and using the vague hint of a charity donation to motivate buyers?

How is this channel not getting slaughtered by the members of this forum?


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No one watches it.

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