KitchenAid TSV 27/10/21

So that'll be 5 boxes with 5 mini torches, or a double pack of portable battery charges, or a set of ID protecting wallets in various designs. Followed by a day of numerous beauty collections complete with cheap bag/holdall/washbag, and possibly Frank Usher with the cheap scarves, finishing off with Diamoneek jewellery.

Oh QVC we know you soooo well.
I bought my Artisan mixer from QVC as a TSV a few years ago and it is definitely the best mixer I've had and at £280-odd, excellent value for money. But I suspect it might have been a reconditioned one, hence the price, because all the instructions came in a foreign language. Not that it matters because it looks and performs like new and I love it. If it's the lower price, it will only be in the four basic colours: cream, red, silver and black - unless QVC has bought up a stash of discontinued colours they can charge premium rates for which are gorgeous, I admit, but cost hundreds. Mine came with the stainless bowl and the 3 beaters and I haven't needed any more.

But of course it might be another gadget.
PS - I googled Kitchenaid medium mixer and it seems the company have closed some stores worldwide, shed jobs and the range available is limited, probably due to lockdown, so expect knock-down prices from QVC. See what you can google. ;)


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Aldi are doing a kenwood stand mixer for £245 and also lookey likey Le Creuset for £25-30 (the blue ones that sold out on Q).

I'd love this kitchen aid in cream but it's too much money to justify as I've a tiny kitchen and probably wouldn't bake that much. Hmmmm maybe I would if I had one and Mr CC would be the size of a house instead of the size of a shed.

Why don’t they support Kenwood, a terrific lifelong brand, every bit as good if not better than KitchenAid, which is used on every baking show. It beggars my belief.
I have a Kenwood chef and its magnificent. Practical, easy to clean and the all stainless steel machine looks the part