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OH and I have just returned from the dreaded visit down to see the rellies but we thought we'd make a nice weekend of it. Booked into a premier inn for 2 nights, so we had lunch at home set off and got the the hotel about 2pm, had a drink in the hotel bar whilst we waited for his niece to come and pick us up to take us to their home where a the rest of the family were waiting. As there was so many of us she said I'm not cooking a meal so we'll get a takeaway later. Cut a long story short, we spent a pleasant few hours with them, had the take away curry, watched a bit of telly then got a cab back to the hotel, so far so good. Went off to sleep thinking yay gonna have a lovely breakfast, go out for lunch and then go shopping. Woke up a short while later with stomach cramps and yes, it started, good old food poisoning. Oh said he felt a bit "iffy" but ok, so in the morning he went down to breakfast and popped out for supplies, immodium and lucozade, well Tesco hadn't got a single bottle of lucozade, but felt a bit iffy so he wasn't inclined to go to another store to find some. He got back and within a few minutes he was as bad as me!!!! So the whole day was spent asleep/on the toilet. I had to take about 4 Immodium before it finally stopped, but he ended up taking 6!!! Thankfully next morning he was ok enough to drive us back home. I popped to the Co-op and bought two large bottles of lucozade - I'm old fashioned and only drink the stuff when I'm ill or off my food. I poured us each a glassful of the wonderful nectar. First thing I noticed is that it was slightly less fizzy than usual, I took a sip and OMG Yuck!!!! WTF have they done to it? It just tasted like an artificially sweet syrup with no discernible flavour and I was hard pushed to finish the glass. Oh said yeah it doesn't taste the same but perhaps it's just our taste buds. I checked online and sure enough in August 2023 they've changed the glucose syrup for an artificial sweeter and also people are not happy!!!! I've got an unopened bottle in the other room which I'm tempted to take back for a refund!!!! Seriously Lucozade, especially for some of us oldies was our childhood medicine and we loved it and now they've changed it beyond all recognition - I'm fuming!!!!
Just as a footnote, we were the only ones who got food poisoning 'cause the rest of the family all had lamb biryanis and we had chicken balti with naan bread. Oh loves his curry but he said he's really put off getting takeaways and from now on he'll be making his own!!!
Very pleased you and your OH are feeling much better. Food poisoning is everyone's dread. Once, or more had, never forgotten.

"Better out than in". It's a good job you both got everything out of your system fast when the onslaught started.

I'm with you on the Lucozade original taste debacle. They initially cut the glucose/sugar amount down significantly a few years ago so as not to incur the sugar tax. Then they tinkered with it again in summer 2023.

I water it down with fizzy mineral water. About max 1/3 Lucozade to 2/3 water all fridge cold. I find that lessens the artificial sweetener taste.

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