New NAILS INC brand £5 a bottle.


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May 22, 2021
Have you seen this article on Beauty Bible.?

I'll never believe what they say on QVC about how much the big special sets should cost on High Street. These are the same as some Nails Inc colours I have, and these are only £5 each or two for £8 in Boots without the ridiculous QVC P&P.

Has anyone tried any of these?
Thanks for the heads up on this Jenni! I'll be round to a big Boots very soon. Could be saving me ££!! Colours look wearable too.
I haven’t seen the article or the polishes anywhere so thanks. They do look worth a try. There’s quite a range on the Boots website but I’ll have to look in the shop first.

QVC do seem to quote a high price for the bottles in their sets - or they used to. As you say, you see them quite cheap in shops. I always recommend Nails Inc’s own site, especially the Nail Sets and Sale section where I’ve bought some real bargains in the past.


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I have bought three Nails Inc TSV's/ special deals over the last year. I like the products on the whole apart from Maniplex nail strengther. Not sure if they are as cheap as this deal but its encouraged me to look after my nails. One kit contained professional nail tools. In total they contained base coats, top coats, nail oils and fabulous cuticle remover serum I think thats my favourite In how its made my nails look fanststic in a few minutes.

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