New QVC celebrity collaboration


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Oh God, save us! Can’t stand her. Can’t hold a candle to Richard & Judy, or even Ruth& Eamonn for that matter. Rochelle has absolutely no chemistry with her husband ( he is so forgettable I don’t even know his name) when they present their music show together. She will be enthusing over a run of the mill range ( designed by herself of course) which we know in real life she wouldn’t be seen dead in.

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Never heard of her.


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Regatta's a good brand, but when you think about the brand, well I do, I think camping, sensible hardwearing outdoor clothes. They must think Rochelle is going to attract the fashion conscious who would normally look at brands like Superdry when they want something sporty or outdoorsy. I doubt very much it will have an impact on those people cause at the end of the day, they'll still be buying a sweatshirt or jacket with a Regatta logo on it. Selling on QVC is probably their best chance, as their customers will buy anything!!!!


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Regatta were on IW a couple of weeks ago. In fact, they were showing a coat that I liked the look of, so I ordered it. From Amazon though as they were cheaper 😂


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