Nina Leonard Hour - Not Fair on Model

Holy moly they are doing these in shorts and if you thought the crops were bad think again. They gone up to a 4XL so the mind boggles- I’m a plus size so no insult to larger sizes just to good taste.

They had one of the slimmest Models in a black pair and I’m afraid to say she would not have looked out of place in a doorway in some sleazy American city.


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Hmm yes, those city shorts or was it bermudas beggar belief. Shorts need to be in a structured fabric. Thankfully I don't think Sophia had to wear them. I've seen her today looking much prettier and much more stylish. Maybe Q's backroom girls have read our posts.



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Sausage skin coloured leggings that are too tight & show everything just demonstrate confidence & a positive body image. This is to be embraced & never condemned because we are all beautiful. Who am I kidding?
I totally feel, T.


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I stopped a young girl and her boyfriend who'd walked past me then walked back to nicely explain to her that her black leggings were see-through in the sun and got told to f-off by both of them. :mysmilie_11:

It IS true that no good deed goes unpunished.
How rude!!!! ????

Wherever was this? Probation service, bandit land?

Shame on her BF for telling a grown up lady to f. off...I'd have laughed if I were you though.

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