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She also wrote mockingly of their choice of wedding. Something to do with a wedding in a helicopter/ light plane? Something like that. Anyway she is so full of herself and in her mind superior to everyone one else and I for one can’t see why. I also detect a craftily disguised jealousy of her son’s girlfriend. Young, pretty brunette, possibly taller than her. At the moment it conceals itself by being complimentary about her cakes. This is quickly followed by telling us about the cakes she has made. Photos etc. It is all very subtle but very obvious.
She's one of those types who give a cutting/unkind remark and then say It was just a joke ... have you lost your sense of humour ?
Gosh I’ve just looked at the last couple of blogs. The GF is only mentioned in terms of her cooking. The GF supposedly purchased the Kitchen Aid but Queen J didn’t “borrow” it (she used the inverted commas) to make her cake because she always does it by hand.
I’ll bet it was a second sample and the borrowed bit was her letting her know she only had it because of her.

There is a new book due mid January - as if Covid wasn’t bad enough.

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