Pre-melt stock sweep is making my buying finger twitch like crazy!


my heart is in Kernow...
OMG! :tongue2:

they're selling off stock at silly prices, anything left goes to get melted-down...

if it wasn't for an already hefty visa bill coming my way this month :thinking2:, i'd have nabbed these (& i've only been watching for 5 mins!).

iliana gents ring, 9.5g of 18ct white gold with 0.33cts princess diamonds - £299.95 (so much nicer than the pic on the website).

Iliana 2.85ct tanzy & diamonds in w/g, £299.95

all timed games & everything is flying! :cool2:


VIP Shopper
I saw that Tanzy and it was definitely 1.34cts and not the 2.85ct they were saying you could tell by ythe size!, but yes all the other items have been fab bargains BUT AS USUAL all the mandarin garnet, spinel, tsavoite garent are all in yellow gold and all there is in white gold is topaz and citrine :(


Tanzanite Flasher!
Was just about to weep at that price for that size tanzy, but feel better now!!!

I am very pleased with my tanzanite tennis bracelet though.

N xxx

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