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If nobody else isn’t going to bother watching I don’t mind and give a honest review

Probably won't be much to review, apart from maybe more details of the shop extra channel, be just Simon wasting more vegetables and milk, selling products that have been available else wheres for ages, just because he found a Chinese supplier to stick the Piranha branding on the products doesn't make them any more special to the hundreds of alternatives out there. ;)

The Piranha products are hard Company to track down, they've a web site and address but no company details seem to exist at Companies House, although Simon Iles claims to be a Director. Wonder if they are just a brand he's create for his "Seen on TV" company.
After RDM drones, Piranha and Vostok Europe watches, more former IW brands announced as Shop Extra partnerships:

- Blue Magic
- Airfryer Genie (thought they'd gone bust)
- The Handy
- Webb
- Greenworks

So it's looking like Shop Extra will just be a cut-down clone of IW, selling niche house & garden and cleaning products.

Not very ambitious and no new level of innovation or product selection compared to IW. Shame. A missed opportunity perhaps. We shall see.

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