This year's day at mate's house.....a massive improvement on last year


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Jun 24, 2008
Remember last year when my "control freak" friend invited me over to hers to celebrate her son's birthday, which consisted of baked beans and oven chips, warm Lambrini, pickled onions and a smattering of Norovirus? How quickly it comes around, and I was invited once again. Whilst some of you may think the day I'm going to describe is not really their idea of fun, believe me folks compared with last year, it was fab! I arrived there at 12 noon and lunch was almost ready. What would you like omelette or baked beans on toast? I opted for the baked beans as funnily enough I'd already had an omelette at home for breakfast. Wow, they weren't just any old baked beans either, they were barbecue flavour with mini sausages!!! We sat down at the table and after we'd finished in all of about 5 minutes (lol) Birthday boy Mark (aged 27) piped up ....thank you Mummy, that was wonderful! So I felt I had to follow suit and say, yes thank you that was absolutely delicious.

Now I'm beginning to wonder here whether Mark has specifically been asking for his birthday celebrations to be "retro childhood" as this may go a little way to explain the baby talk, and the predominently childlike presents he received....Nerf guns, Nerf crossbow, remote control helicopter, batman slippers etc, kiddies bath set. He was happy, but I still found it a tad strange.

We played a few board games and this year they were fun as there was no "personality" type games to give my friend the chance to gloat at every opportunity, and as for the omnipresent family friend who deliberately says things wrong for comic effect (especially unfunny when he's reading questions out) I decided to agree with EVERYTHING that he said..and hey presto it worked! A couple of examples "Jimmy Saville, he was the lead singer in the communists wasn't he?" "Yes Pete, I think he was!" "I can't stand that Keith Orange fella" "No Pete, Me neither!" Thing is things like this "can" be fairly amusing, when not deliberate and not in EVERY sentence someone utters. As I was agreeing with everything he said he even started correcting himself, however, I did feel a little guilty as he decided to go home early saying that he'd developed a headache. I think he's just used to having every "blooper" and faux pas he utters met with peals of laughter and "hey, what did you say Pete, say that again"...."Did you hear that Brian?, Pete thinks that Gaviscon is a place in Texas!" Naughty old me popping his balloons before he had the chance to even tie a knot in the end of them! I genuinely do feel a bit bad, but for me at the time it did make the day a lot more bearable. Last year one of the board games we played probably took around a hour longer than it should have due to his clowning around and mispronunciations!

Not a bad day, the wine was decent, we actually took the dogs out for a walk which was pleasant and I got home in time to watch some it'll be alright on the night - Non deliberate mistakes are very entertaining lol!

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