Through the round window

Tilly O

New member
I have found that I have to watch JM with the sound on mute if Lucy is hosting as I can not stand her breaking into song, kissing beads, saying everything is amazing, repetitive statement that 'you needs this', etc, etc. I think Lucy would be superb hosting a children's show. C Beebies is losing out...


VIP Shopper
Have to say that at the moment I am really enjoying this channel. I can tolerate the antics because the presenters clearly know their stuff, are obviously able to talk from knowledge rather than having everything fed to them like the robots on IW, and, most of all, they can sustain a four hour show on their own with the designers. I can't bear to think of the witterings we would get from the likes of Chuntley, Craig Rowe, Howard, baby-waby Sutton etc etc.

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