Festival - I'm back and here's how it went!


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Jun 24, 2008
Travelled up on train alone, my choice because it was either that or combination of cramped car/motorways. Journey went smoothly, but I would have to say much more fun when it was me and my mate together, we usually do train or coach - But had a couple of drinks on the journey and listened to my music - No complaints.

Weather - Horrendous for the majority of the festival. Friday night stayed dry, the Wurzels were fantastic. Managed to locate the other girls had a drink with them!

The mate who I camped with, her fella and his daughter stayed up until about 3am on the first night, I'm a bit of a lightweight and turned in a lot earlier and obviously woke up a lot earlier, I got up got washed and dressed and used the opportunity to try and find where the others were camped, found them suprisingly quickly as they were camped fairly close by, they were all sitting round the camp chatting and having tea - I shouted over and was welcomed with open arms. We did manage to have a chat about the situation ie separate camps and it does seem that it's irreversible sadly, and as I suspected a lot of it was to do with the way they saw my mates fella's wife being cheated on in front of their own daughter who seems completely unphazed by it! But that aside I did go and spend time with them both mornings and it was lovely as they're such good company.

I didn't enjoy this year anywhere near as I have the past two years of course the weather played a huge part in this - On Saturday afternoon and through to mid evening the rain was torrential and the wind was as bad, standing in the arena wearing fleeces, coats, rain ponchos and still feeling cold to the bone was not my idea of fun. Sunday was a bit sunny in the morning and it stayed thankfully dry until mid afternoon when the bad weather returned with a vengence!

My mate had an absolute blast as she doesn't care about the weather and just danced to everything regardless, but this also meant that she wasn't interested in sitting, relaxing and chatting at all, when we were in the bigger group, some chatted and got up to dance occasionally, some just sat and chatted, some of us went off and looked around the stalls, my mate just wanted to dance and it was a case of "get out of my way I'm dancing!" I sat with her fella who I sadly found a bit boring if I'm honest, if he wasn't telling me how to cook things in finite detail...first you get an onion, and do you know the best way to chop an onion? After telling me that going on to say and do you want to know my secret ingredient? It makes the best fried onions ever and after about 1/2 hour solid you've learned how to cook yourself a hotdog!, he was telling me how effin' wonderful my mate is and how awful his wife is - She snores like a tractor, makes bigotted comments, lazy etc etc and how when the "doodoo hits the fan" (telling her he's leaving her for my mate) she's really gonna "spit the dummy out" and I quote "she does that a lot!" I was shocked and I thought I'd try a bit of reverse psychology and said "****** hell she aint got a lot going for her has she, she sounds like an absolute pig!" To which he told me that she wasn't that bad!!!! and that when she's nice, she's the loveliest person in the world and that's why he married her - Strewth!!!!

Do I want to go next year? Yes and no. It's a great thing to look forward to and plan for, the music and atmosphere is great, obviously there's a chance that the weather will be nicer. I'll play it by ear I think. The girls have said I can join them next year if I want and if I'm honest I'd rather go with them, don't know what's going to happen with my mate and fella cos he's supposed to be leaving his wife in September - who knows what will happen!

Glad to be home!
Also unlike the past two years I've come back on a bit of a "downer" - Partly 'cause I didn't enjoy it so much this year and for the uncertainty when it comes to booking for next year. Don't know what the situation regarding my mate and the fella will be, obvs the big question at the moment is "will he, won't he leave his wife". He seems hell bent on doing so as he has professed his undying love for my mate and by all accounts has alternative accomodation lined up in his home town for after he's done the deed. With kids involved not sure what's going happen with alimony etc, not sure if they live in rented or their own home, so all that to sort out and of course his job, if he's going to come and live down south, he'll need to find work, and unfortunately the company he works for doesn't have any outlets anywhere near here so a transfer's out of the question, the nearest one is about 40 miles away, yes he drives but it's not really ideal?

In my heart of hearts I just wanna go with the girls next year but as I said a reconcilliation with my mate and them is looking extremely doubtful if not impossible. Guess I can only hope eh?
Sounds like you made the best of a bad job! I am such a lightweight myself these days, I only go to festivals (my music is roots and folk) where I can stay in a BnB or a (admittedly, budget) hotel. I go alone, then I can pick and choose what concerts I see! I like my home comforts, wifi and a bathroom a few steps from the bed!
Here's a couple of pics of me havin' fun!


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