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    Sarah Chapman TSV 12/10/20

    shame, I might have stretched to trying the overnight facial but yeah the reviews for that gadget are shocking, money is safe! Thanks for the info all.
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    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    Probably a lot of "lurkers" and no doubt a collection of QVC employees too!....
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    Philosophy TSV 06/09/20

    Will this be the last TSV of the year, or do you think they'll be another one?
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    Gatineau TSV 08/08/20

    I totally agree! I REALLY wanted to like it, esp. as I need a replacement for Decleor and I bought the last 2 body ones and I was really unimpressed. All hype. Cancelled the Auto deliveries. My search will continue.
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    Beauty Loves TSV 17/07/20

    Just watched some of the presentation and it didn't impress! The woman who's company it was kept wafting that wand around above her actual arm and the model.... what a waste of time, doing it on her face, over a full face of make up and absolutely nothing appearing to be removed! Had they had...
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    Beauty Loves with Illamasqua TSV 30/06/20

    Jeez Jill Frank's looks like Aunt Sally. The colours are awful, its really unflattering.
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    Decleor TSV 24/06/20

    I'm over Decleor too now but I did watch the presentation "just for fun" and I took a mental note of Jill Franks saying she NEVER uses concealer, only the Jasmine eye cream. Can wait for the next make up TSV with a concealer in, I will be watching her with interest 👀
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    Philip Kingsley TSV 16/06/20

    Its says 500ml on PK Facebook. I hope you are right....
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    Philip Kingsley TSV 16/06/20

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    Facelite TSV 07/07/20

    Facelite, presented by "Faceache"! (sorry couldn't resist).......
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    Ultrasun TSV 03/07/20

    Surely you jest SCW????
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    Summer Food Fair TSV 29/5/20

    Just pondering, if QVC are pushing things that sell atm, does this mean that food sells well for them? I get it for beauty, not so much for their fashion but food, I just dont get it.....
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    Tan Luxe TSV 18/6/20

    I'm out. Bought the last TSV, have already cancelled my auto-delivery. It's not that good. I have only tried the drops and I wasn't impressed. I will use it in time but I won't be lured in again.
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    Ultrasun TSV 01/06/20

    Jeez another one........ and I'm saying that and I use Ultrasun!
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    Decleor TSV 18/04/20

    Luckily I still have a stash of the older "good" stuff. I will need to look for something else. I think it's telling that whilst Fiona still fronts the presentations she just doesn't seem convincing and I follow her on FB and it is really interesting that she doesn't really push Decleor...

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