100th Day - 1000 Auctions


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I've got the 100th Day - 1000 Auctions on in the background and keep having a quick look. I know I've had a break from watching Rocks & Co until very recently but I'm a bit shocked by some of the prices - especially today when I thought they would be even more enticing. :dull:

What are other peoples views?


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I've got it on in the background too, and I must say I thought if I was in the mood for a treat there are some gorgeous bargains to be had! I've never bought from R&C, but I think some of their designs are superb. I'm put off by the sugar-grain size of their diamond accents, and would be more inclined to buy something that didn't feature diamonds at all. I quite fancy a bit of rutilated quartz or Breijnho Amethyst (?sp).

Did you see the floor guy doing the presenting? He did well from what I saw.


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CountessK you've obviously been looking at the same pieces as me. If I was going to be tempted by anything it would be Amethyst, Mandarine Citrine, or Rutilated Quartz. Totally agree about the sand grain diamonds - well accent diamonds altogether - so many of the larger, strong coloured stones, would look better on thier own and allowed to 'speak for themselves'!

I confess, I have logged in, just incase there is something in my budget that I like and need to claim quicky! ;-)


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I do think this has been fun (if dangerous on the bank balance)! How could I resist this?


(Decent gold weight, too.)
Very pretty.

Unfortunately I missed out on a simple Aquamarine ring. I'd alreay put one ring in my basket but the bloomin login had closed, as it does occasionally, and I hadn't noticed so by the time I'd messed about logging in again I'd missed the ring I really liked - and could afford without guilt!


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Oooh Miss M, that's so pretty. I've seen loads of stuff I'd love to have bought, but just can't. Did anyone see the most incredible multi-coloured sapphire cuff/bracelet, it was completely stunning, went for about £1300... And the cat's eye rutile quartz rings?

I've never liked John Scott much, but tonight he's really made me giggle.


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Goodness knows why I stayed up last night but I ended up buying the last Aquamarine ring at about 2am just before the programme ended. The web buying bit suddenly closed at 2am and you couldn't connect to the 'more info' bit which I like to do to read the details of the item and see it in a clearer format. I hope I've done the right thing. :sweat:

I have to say, it was good to see such a variety of items coming up, instead of endless items of one stone, for a change.

I did think from their write up though when they mentioned 'gimmicks' etc that perhaps every so often there would be eg an extra bonus piece. So I am left wondering what the 'gimmicks' were.


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the bloomin login had closed, as it does occasionally, and I hadn't noticed so by the time I'd messed about logging in again I'd missed the ring I really liked
That has happened to me on occasion, and is SOOO maddening!

I think Rocks & Co should take a look at the issue of the system logging users out automatically, and at least give some kind of warning.


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During the 1000th Day 1000th Auctions period I weakend and ordered a few pieces on line, esp as there was a postage free offer on too. Today my parcel arrived but all that it contained was the ring I'd ordered at 2-10am on the Sat...and my invoice showing postage paid! What!

I phoned Rocks & Co and explained that I'd been expecting 3 items but only one had come only to be told that web basket items were automatically cleared from the basket after 24hrs. Errm yes, I know that but they were not in my basket for anything like 24hrs and what's more it was your system that shut down at 2am prohibiting web buyers access and therefore being able to checkout their items. When I ordered the final ring (and it was one of the last 3 itmes - no, not the beautiful last one I'm afraid) I had to quickly ring through to secure it and explained that I also had other items in my web basket. 'No problem madam. We can put them all through together now.' Great, card number given, address confirmed ...now sit back and wait to be dazzeled!
Thankfully they did have a record of the items I'd put in my basket and are going to send them on to me. All I've got to do now is remember to double check my credit card bill and make sure I've not been charged twice!

So....Come on Rocks & Co. Get your systems sorted out. If you are going to run a promotion makesure you've set the timers appropriately on your systems, put enough money in the meter so that your power doesn't go out and check you've got enough spare light bulbs to cover the extra hours!



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Miss Magpie, that's very pretty. I love the overall shape of it and it reminds me of couple of lovely gold pendants I have that have come down to me from my grandmother and a great aunt.

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