Change your life - think not!!

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Flicked onto JM only to be told how JM will change my life and how I neeeeeeed all the beads in my life :down:

Now I have been beading for over a year and it certainly hasn't changed my life or I have never felt the need to have beads in my life either!!

All these over enthusiasm and sales patter really is off putting, can the presenters give viewers some credit!!!!!!!

Beading is a great hobby but thats it nothing more.


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I totally agree with you BB. They keep telling the viewers about how much money they can make by selling their home made jewellery when in fact they'd be lucky to make anything at the prices JM sell their stuff for! I would guess that their customers are all new to jewellery making and haven't sussed out that they can buy direct themselves or even buy from Ebay at a fraction of the price. It's just the same old, same old. Lies and waffle!

Beading Belle

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I agree Klosblue.

Its also very annoying when presenters ask viewers to find the price for certain items and peeps txt or call in to say the top end designer prices. Typical example, string of pearls. Yes you can buy pearl earring for £100, but then TJC, gems and qvc sell pearl earrings for less than £5 a pair!! Just watching qvc - Betsy Kaye show and you just cannot compete with these prices. Would love them to compare beads/pears with this.

I just hope all these customers who buy do have the funds and are not buying on credit in the hope to make money!!


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Thank goodness I am not on my own I get fed up with the presenter Lucy either saying you need them in your life or singing at you. I love making my jewellery but she puts me off buying with her so called sales patter.

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