Customers facetiming QVC


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Well, one I would never dream of Face Timing QVC, two I do not have an Apple phone Samsung baby.

It's like the old days when people used to phone in live to the studio. Bet they will be rushing to put all their QVC tat (products) sitting behind them in shot.

Years ago I phoned about a product as I had a question and CS wanted to put me through to the studio. NO!!!!


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I wonder how they choose the face timers? The one woman has been on before with Alison in a diamonique show. It sounds as though they get sent ‘samples’ of the products they are going to talk about . I know that when Alison had customers FaceTime on her diamonique shows, it sounded as if she already knew them ( I think they were customers who regularly correspond with her) and they were sent a selection of jewellery to hold up to the camera and enthuse about.

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I find it a huge turn-off. Literally. I want clear shots, measurements and clear footage of the item on a model. I don't want or need someone else's opinion of it.

I must be a dinosaur as I don't understand the 'influencer' thing at all. They get stuff for free, they give a positive opinion. They have to or they stop getting freebies. Hardly un-biased.


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Influencers have zero effect on me. If anything, I make sure I don’t buy whatever product that they’re raving on about. I’m quite capable of making my own decisions. I also ignore celebrities who endorse products. I have a life, unlike those who want to be on screen all the time.


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An example being….
At least he was honest though, all though he did sound a bit sizzled, it was the way the callers used to say can I have your autograph


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Oh yes. The callers telling the presenters how much they loved them and asking for autographs.

Did any one ever get an Xmas card from QVC signed by a presenter? Yes, these did happen.

I haven’t had a card signed by a specific presenter but, in the past, I have had two cards with photos of most of them on the front and their “signatures” inside.

They made my Christmas …. not.

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