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I haven't watched R & C for a while and happened to turn on yesterday. What a lovely collection Debby brought and what a shame I hadn't watched earlier. I thought the designs were very striking and the combination of tanzanite and emerald, and tanzanite and apaptite was beautiful. Unfortunately I missed a lovely tanzanite and emerald ring - one of the best pieces I've seen in a long time. It's a shame there are no plans to repeat this collection.


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I agree, there were some gorgeous pieces. It's a shame she doesn't adapt some of them ... like the Principessa necklace, for the general jewellery collection. My only complaint about the show would be about the presenter. I don't want to see the presenter as the focus.The jewellery is the star, and most of the time we saw Cherry and not the pieces she was selling.
It's such a shame that they didn't use John or Hannah to present the showcase .. they really know how to present the jewellery to the audience.


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I agree that they have some lovely pieces but the starting price is often the cost of a small house or a large car does anyone really spend this on tv jewellery, also many of the presenters are really shouty and impossible to watch.
Shall I take over and improve things, no, just haven't got the time, off to sort out the oil prices and lunch with Richard on Necker Island.

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