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I did a lot of seeds. Petunias, verbena, lobelia and Bidens. All for window boxes or baskets. Bought a tray of upright Petunias in Homebase 24 plants for £1.00. most if not all are raring to go. I love gardening but I also love a bargain!
Even in overpriced garden centres this would be a good bit cheaper.. it’s a nice enough colour but nothing special.
I seem to be able to take cuttings of hydrangeas with great success but I have 2 which lost their labels (yes again!) so I’m waiting to see what colours they are.

Boffy have you ever tried trailing begonias from seed? As you know we don’t have many of your stores here and we can’t get any plants sent over and I had great difficulty in getting them this year so thought I might give it a go next year but from doing a bit of Googling it doesn’t seem easy to get the seeds to germinate.


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I don't know if you can buy seeds for them will have a look x
I saw seeds to buy but from various sites it sounded if it was difficult to get to germinate at home without heated lights and keeping the temperature constant etc.

Still for a few quid what do we have to lose ?

I used the conservatory to do my seeds and I know that it was colder at night than ideal but at least the light was terrific. As long as it gives colour I don’t think the plant police will be calling to tell me off😜


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if you want to grow your own quality plants with the best seeds its worth getting the right equipment. Seeds can cost a fortune and you will want to get the optimum germination rates


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I'm renting my house to holiday people and the first guests texted to say my garden was truly amazing.

Thank you very much to Ken (P2G ) and George (DeJag). Maybe all that money was money well spent.

It does look good, even if I say so myself. I'll try and take some photos at the weekend for anyone interested.

I'm renting my house to holiday people
CC are you sure you aren’t that Kelly Hoppen BA or even Del Boy under a different guise?

We have had thunder storms tonight so my poor plants will be battered to heck!

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