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Does anybody have this tool and is it any good?
I have quite a few dandelions etc in the garden, and this tools like useful, most reviews are good too
QVC has the best price, but in case it doesn't work I won't return, as the P&P will be too high


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I bought one when I first moved into this house and it worked really effectively on the weeds that came "free with the asking price." I've now had the garden completely re-vamped and have no large weeds (any small ones I see get zapped with Round Up) and the ones that I took out initially haven't reappeared. I may never have to use it again, as I have no lawn now, but I'd have no hesitation in getting it out again if it was needed.


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I've got one but I am not over the moon with it. I found that if the weeds were not thick enough they just slip through the slot on the pincher bit. The other prob is that if the weeds are in the border it can be difficult balancing on one foot whilst putting the other on the lever part. (this probably depends on how old you are as I was in danger of ending up in a heap with the peonies lol.)


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I think Lakeland sell something very similar, must admit I have been tempted as loathe weeding and this looked like a solution but have not actually bought one.


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I like mine, it actually works, even on hard-ish ground. The only thing I've found is that when the lawn is quite damp a lot of soil comes up with the weed and leaves a hole about an inch in diameter. You could fill it up or only weed when the soil is dry.


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I have one. It is very good for dandy's in the lawn but does leave holes so I go round afterwards with soil - at least you know all the root is gone.


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One of my best QVC gadget buys. It definitely works, but as Pickles said, it does leave holes. No problem, just fill with a mix of soil and sand.

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I had one and the second time i used it the handle snapped right at the bottom, couldn't be a***d to return it and binned but left a bad review

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