Handbags and glad rags

I purchased a black chained handbag from gemporia recently, yes I fell for the over gushing selling of the two presenters. When it arrived it was the biggest load of tat, vegan leather otherwise known as plastic. The bag smelt dreadful due to the material used, plastic, sorry vegan leather. Needless to say I have returned it. The brand ambassador was obviously singing its praise, but I follow her on social media and believe me she wouldn't be seen dead wearing the tat she flogs on the telly, which I believe she is the designer! I used to love this channel for its jewellery but this is last item I will be buying from this range, cheap, nasty, if your going to do it, do it well. give me a river island bag any day. 😤
Just saw the bag on earlier with Hattie and Ellis. They had a picture of a Chanel bag which Hattie designed it on. Ellis said she'd bought 6!!!!!!!
Just goes to show she has no style if she has bought 6. After I sent the bag back I purchased a beautiful lulu Guinness bag in the sale...win win. Note to self, don't fall for the rubbish these telly shop assistants spout.

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